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Former evolutionist to present case for intelligent design

Former evolutionist and skeptic Dr. Donald A. Bierle will be presenting the evidence that changed his mind about the origin and diversity of life, at an event in Verndale on Sunday, Sept. 19.

Bierle's presentation, "Making Sense of Creation and Evolution," will be offered at Verndale Alliance Church from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Bierle, a Ph.D. biologist, said the presentation reflects the life-changing discoveries he made in his own search for answers to life's important questions. "Although I grew up in a family that attended church, God never seemed real or personal," he said. "In college I grew enthralled with the academic world. I became convinced that science held the answers."

While working toward his doctorate in biology, Bierle was challenged by scientific colleagues to examine the evidence for the historical reliability of the New Testament writings about Jesus. "I was astounded," said Bierle, "to learn that archaeological discoveries have revealed that the New Testament manuscripts are more numerous and far more certain to be eyewitness accounts than any other ancient writings."

Bierle, who also holds an M.A. in New Testament studies, was a college professor and academic dean for almost 25 years. As president of FaithSearch International, he devotes much of his time to presenting evidence for the Christian faith through FaithSearch, a popular event based on his book, "Surprised by Faith." He is the author of several other books and videos, including "Growing Faith," a Bible study guide for spiritual growth.