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Aug. 14

• Two women were arguing over how one treats her kids when one allegedly pushed the other, causing her to fall over a table and into a door. The woman who allegedly did the pushing denied that's how it happened.

• A man was cited for allegedly shoplifting Doritos, tobacco products, and roast beef from a Wadena store.

Aug. 17

• A woman reported her 14-year-old son had recently purchased a pre-paid cellular phone and started receiving harassing calls from a collection agency for someone named "Brittney." The police contacted the collection agency to explain that Brittney likely had that phone number before, but it was no longer a valid way to contact her.

Aug. 19

• Police investigated a car hitting a building in Wadena. The driver of the car explained he has a prosthetic right leg and he said when he was pulling up to the building with his foot on the brake, he bumped the curb, causing his foot to slip off the brake and hit the special gas pedal he has in his vehicle. He was not hurt in the accident.

• Wadena police were contacted by a Crow Wing County probation agent who asked that a man be picked up on a warrant. Police visited the residence of a woman where the man was thought to be. She told police there was a man by the first name of whom they were looking for, but said she didn't think that was his last name. The man at the residence told police that was his first name but not his last, and they had the wrong guy. The police said it was quite a coincidence about the first name -- and the fact they also had a picture of him which matched perfectly. He was arrested.

Aug. 25

• A pickup pulling a jetski was reportedly going more than 85 miles per hour and had passed 5-6 vehicles on the highway. The driver was warned for his driving habits.

Aug. 26

• A man reported his neighbors were "ranting and bragging" about how drunk they were and how many drugs they had done that night.

• A caller reported a potentially unsafe vehicle. The hood of the car was "bouncing all over" and there was no right rear tire on the car and it was shooting off sparks from that area.

Aug. 28

• A woman contacted Wadena police after an alleged domestic assault. The woman said a man had punched her hard in her back during an argument over his drinking. The man said he had been trying to give up marijuana and was drinking to "take the edge off" because he was having a lot of problems he was dealing with. When asked if he hit the woman, he said he "gave her a little love tap on the back." He was arrested for domestic assault.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.