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Larson, eyeing partial retirement, presents budget to city council

Wadena Planning and Zoning Director Byron Larson said he is looking at retirement in February.

"Once I do retire I could still work 25 percent of my time," he said.

Budgeted items to the Planning and Zoning department included office supplies and $700 for a computer since the current computer is getting slow.

The City Council also discussed aerial photos of the city. The Planning and Zoning Department needs more detailed aerial photos than the existing photos taken immediately after the tornado.

City Council member Kay Browne said she had heard concerns from homeowners who had received offers from contractors to buy their technically totalled houses, fix them and turn a profit. She said that the definition of "totalled" in insurance policies does not necessarily mean destroyed, but that the damage exceeds a certain percentage.

Larson said that kind of undertaking would require a licensed contractor and a building permit.

City Council member Jeanette Baymler said that banks would require an inspection.

"Any private home is questionable," Mayor Wayne Wolden said. He said that the city does not have an inspection process at the time.

Larson said that a contractor had wanted an inspection for a house foundation.