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Library has immediate funding needs

At Monday's city council meeting, Wadena library manager Renee Frethem said that the building's exhaust system is exhausted.

She expressed concern that the skylight could be harmful to materials and PCs, and that if the air conditioner went out for even one weekend, it could be bad.

Frethem and Pete Phillips said that as recessions cause budgets to go down, library use goes up.

"Recessions are very, very good for libraries," Phillips said.

Don Niles said that library hours had been reduced after the last budget reduction and they were hoping to restore it.

Jeanette Baymler said that Saturday is not a good day to cut because kids are out of school.

Frethem said that the current two-hour Saturdays are busier now than when the library had more hours.

Frethem said that part of the decrease in the budget would be materials. She said they want to make purchases locally.

She said they will add two new PCs through the Gates Foundation and would need to rearrange some space.

"I am going to need new furnishings," she said.

She also said she would need a fire extinguisher for the book drop.

"Don't mess with Kitchi budget," Phillips said, referring to the Kitchigami Library System.