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Chief details fire department needs

Wadena Fire Chief Dean Uselman said that while a few updates to his department can wait due to 2011 budget restrictions, some equipment needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

The 2011 budget notes sheets requested a "multiple gas meter for flammable and hazardous gases for safety testing" which would cost $1,000.

He said the department has an unreliable, secondhand gas meter.

"We are not comfortable using it," he said.

Uselman also requested funds for new handheld radios to replace the old system. The department is looking into a grant which would cover 12 new radios.

Other requests were for $1,000 in some turnout gear for a new firefighter, $1,000 for training the new firefighter and a $7,000 one time increase in maintenance for truck repairs.

City council member Jeanette Baymler joked that it would not be a good idea to have the fire truck fall apart on the way to the fire.

Uselman said the fire truck would not actually fall apart, it was still a potentially bad situation if repairs were not made. "Somebody might be doing something, and all of a sudden a relief valve fails," he said.