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Verdict: Jury finds St. Marie guilty on all counts

An appreciation for national parks

This week's favorite activity was husking corn outside under our big trees. Canning corn, long before the deep freezer came on deck, was remembered by our ladies while the men leaned more toward memories of growing it. Remember taking corn in only an hour from the garden to the can?

One fellow even recalled the time they selected their own seed corn from the best specimens of a fall crop. To be used for seed, an ear had to have kernels all the way to the tip of the ear, the rows had to be deep and straight, and the color a healthy orange.

A new resident but long time friend is Adeline Boehne, who is spending a bit of time with us getting therapy while a bone heals.

Adeline was born to William and Elizabeth Bernard in 1922 near Cold Spring, Minn. Her father was a farmer. Adeline helped her mother for a time, then went to work in Minneapolis. Aside from being employed by Strutwear in Minneapolis, finding work was not a problem for her. She also worked in the commissary at Northern Pump for 56 cents an hour.

Adeline and Maurice Boehne were married in 1952. They had both been raised on farms and liked that life, so they moved to a Boe farm near Deer Creek. Adeline had tired of city life and Maurice had enough of life in the Navy. After serving in Japan he was ready for a quieter way of life. They have a son and daughter.

Their next move was to a farm across the road from Black's Grove. It was beautiful country, and they lived there for 40 years. The next move took them to a home in Wadena. Adeline liked to sew all kinds of things. She preferred the machine to hand work.

They also liked to travel, a hobby that took them to most of the well-known sites. They especially enjoyed the National Parks and had the pleasure of camping in most of them. They were kept up and clean.

Each park was a new experience: Yellowstone for those interesting geysers as well as having more kinds of wildlife than any other National Park. They enjoyed Glacier Park, 100 years old this year for its heavenly scenery, where the American and Glacier Parks are said to shake hands.

The Sequoia Park with her many waterfalls and the Badlands, sporting Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse statues, were also appreciated.

Don't ask Adeline to choose most delightful among them, because she can't. Each one was famous for something. They had great times every time.

These days Adeline is focusing on getting over a fall that broke her pelvis. She and roommate, Helen Wulf, agree that "The Price Is Right" is their favorite TV program.