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Wadena awards tree removal bids

The Wadena City Council met Wednesday, Aug. 11 to award contracts for stump removal and tree removal and trimming.

City Administrator Brad Swenson said the first action of the council was to review bids and award the contract for stump removal to Joe's Backhoe Service. Stump removal includes standing stumps, tipped stumps and restoration. The job entails cleaning boulevard stumps. Sixty-nine cut stumps need to be ground, and 25 stumps from trees yet to be cut down will also need to be ground. Twenty-four non-storm related trees will also be cut down and have their stumps ground. Roughly 120 stumps will be removed, and 56 tipped stumps will be removed. The job consists of cleaning up the grindings and roots and then filling the hole with black dirt and seeding.

The second action of the council, Swenson said, was to review the bids to remove trees. The contract was awarded to Carr's Tree Service of Ottertail. The trees in the second contract were still standing. Some trees had broken branches and needed to be trimmed. Forty-two trees were damaged; 25 of them will be removed and 17 will have branches trimmed or cut.