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Aug. 8

• A woman reported the theft of a wallet at a Wadena club. The woman was with the disc jockey at the club and had her purse near the equipment, and someone took her wallet, which was black and pink and had a pink glitter Playboy bunny on it. It contained money and credit cards.

Aug. 9

• A woman reported she was eating at a Wadena restaurant when another woman came in and started yelling at her about something she had posted on Facebook. The second woman then started punching the first woman in the face, and soon the second woman's mother joined in. As the store owner tried to break up the fight, the second woman's father told him to mind his own business. The second woman and her mother were arrested for assault.

Aug. 11

• A man reported a sexual assault in progress. The man said a girl was being sexually touched by her mother's male friend. The caller couldn't provide the woman's last name or her location. He couldn't provide the mother's name or location -- just that she is crazy. The caller said he was not at his home number and was now using a cell phone that was a text-only cell phone. Authorities contacted the girl, who said she was fine and didn't know anyone by the reporting caller's name.

Aug. 12

• A man reported his vehicle was egged on Third Street Southeast.

• An auto parts chain store in Wadena reported a customer had returned an alternator to them which was purchased from the same chain store in Staples earlier in the day, and was given a cash refund. Then the Staples store realized the original check he had written there had bounced.

• A woman reported that her neighbor was drunk and trying to have sex with her. She said he rubbed her knee and said some explicit things to her. She reported he was now riding around on his bicycle intoxicated, trying to sell knives. The man was later arrested.

Aug. 13

• A caller reported finding a spine, and didn't know if it was animal or human and wanted authorities to look at it. The spine and other bones were found and was determined to be a deer spine based on the size of the pelvis.

Aug. 14

• A caller reported an elderly man was sitting on a curb on a street in Wadena, and had earlier been lying in the roadway. Police found the man and he said he hadn't been lying or sitting in the street. Police said the man was able to carry on a conversation and seemed OK.

• A Wadena store called police and reported a trespass. A woman had been found shoplifting at the store in October 2009 and had signed a statement acknowledging she was banned from the store for one year. When confronted with that fact, the woman said she didn't think that order would still be in effect. She was arrested for trespass.

Aug. 15

• A hearing-impaired woman reported receiving repeated unwanted communications from another man. The woman showed police a series of interpreter-assisted calls since Aug. 12 from a man in southern Minnesota, who is also hearing-impaired. Wadena police contacted authorities in the man's hometown, and they said they were familiar with him -- that he does this sort of thing a lot. They were sending an officer to speak with him about the harassing communication.

• A man reported vandalism damage to the old flat-top church on King Avenue Southwest. Five glass block windows were broken out.

• A man reported finding a bag of drugs and paraphernalia on his walk, and wanted authorities to take possession of it. The deputy reported the bag was likely some sort of foreign, flavored tobacco, and not drugs.

• A man was bitten by a barn cat. Authorities needed to know which of the 40 cats in the barn it was to have them checked out. The victim was able to narrow it down to a black and white cat, which cut the suspect list down to 15. The deputy explained that without knowing which of the 15 it was, there was little law enforcement could do to help.

Aug. 16

• Shortly after midnight, a Wadena officer observed a vehicle jump the curb and a female driver get out and start yelling at two men standing in front of a business talking. The officer went over to see what the problem was, and noticed she was drunk. The officer also knew she had a revoked license. He placed the woman in his squad car. One of the men was explaining to the officer that the woman was likely upset about a text he had sent her when another officer noticed the woman was cutting herself with something in the squad car. The officers rushed over and found that the woman was using a metal hair clip to cut her wrist. The woman started screaming and spitting as officers took the clip away from her. She was arrested for DUI and taken to the emergency room for treatment.

• Several homeowners along 378th Street reported vandalism to their mailboxes.

• A woman reported her neighbors have continually "oinked" at her and called her family "pigs." She said the neighbors were "drunk and high." The dispute apparently stemmed from an incident between their dogs. The deputy recommended the neighbors keep their dogs on leashes and not running free so there wouldn't be dog fights. The woman refused, saying there was no leash law forcing her to. The deputy spoke to the neighbors and told them the same. He told the neighbors they have a right to protect themselves from the dogs if they attack, and the deputy added in his report, "I ALSO STATED NOT NOT TO USE A GUN TO PROTECT THEMSELVES."

Aug. 17

• A man reported the theft of three rhubarb plants.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.