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July 7

• A man allegedly walked into the pet department of a local store, picked up a bag of dog food, and walked past the checkers and out the door without attempting to pay for the item. He was being tracked down by his license plate number.

July 27

• A woman reportedly stole a wallet containing an EBT card out of a friend's purse. The woman was contacted and denied having the card. She later admitted having the card but said people need a PIN number to use the card, so she couldn't have used it. She later said she had used it to buy water and candy, but it was with the owner's permission. She said she didn't have the card anymore, and had likely lost it at a state park.

July 28

• A man was found around 11 p.m. lying next to his bike. He attempted to sit up several times but fell backward on the pavement. The man was bleeding from his elbows but insisted he was OK, the officer's report said. The man was given a ride back to his house after a breath test showed his blood alcohol content was 0.222.

July 29

• A woman reported her son's bike had been stolen while the family was inside a restaurant eating supper. She gave a description of the bike, which included a description of an expletive written on the handle grips -- it said, "eat sh--."

Aug. 1

• A man called police and said an "out of control" woman had tried to jump out of a second story apartment window. The woman had taken off on foot. The woman was found at another residence, but resisted arrest and an officer drew his Taser and ordered her to comply. Then a man from the residence came out and was yelling at officers, and they drew a Taser on the man and ordered him back into the house. The woman was cited for disorderly conduct and other crimes.

Aug. 3

• Police spoke to a woman who had put a saw horse on her boulevard with a sign that said, "Do not park here. If you can't read it, get someone to read it for you." The woman was told she can't regulate who parks on city streets. She replied that she is concerned if there is an emergency at her residence, emergency personnel will not be able to get to her. The officer reassured the woman that emergency personnel will still respond to calls even if there is a vehicle parked there. The officer removed the saw horse and put it next to the woman's home.

• The St. Cloud Police Department spoke with local authorities about a possible sex crime involving two toddlers.

Aug. 4

• Sheriff's deputies investigated a car in a ditch near Warner Road. The driver was contacted and said he had drank a couple of drinks and had been tired from working long hours at two jobs, and had gone off the road, cleared an approach, hit a gate and post and knocked them 25 yards away. He said he may have fallen asleep. After the accident, he left the car and walked to work, where he wanted to get some sleep before his shift started. He was not injured.

• Campers complained of a strange smell coming from the Old Wadena Campground entrance. Authorities found a pile of rotting fish. Case closed.

• Authorities assisted some canoers who became separated from each other. Two missing canoes were not at a designated rendezvous point. The canoes and four kids inside were found about 2.5 miles away.

Aug. 7

• A man attempted to walk out of a store without paying for a wiring harness worth $10. When police arrived, the store determined the harness was below the value of items they will prosecute for, based on store policy. However, one of the men with the alleged shoplifter had a warrant out for his arrest, and he was taken into custody.

Aug. 8

• A man showed police where someone had shot out the back window of his van with a BB gun. While the officer was on scene, the man recovered the BB from inside the vehicle. There was a similar hole in the window of a storage shed on the man's property.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.