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Public Notice Independent School District #2155 School Board Meetings, July 12, 19, 26, Aug. 2, 2010

Public Notice

Independent School District #2155

School Board Meetings,

July 12, 19, 26, Aug. 2, 2010

July 12: Superintendent Dahlstrom gave

an update on the insurance company's as-

sessment of the high school storm damage.

No report was available on Monday, July 12

due to further assessment needed by the in-

surance company. A committee will be

formed to review Phase I and II proposals.

Five companies have submitted building pro-

posals. Progress has been made in the re-

moval of items from the high school site over

the last week. Transportation Director Tim

Wohlert gave an update on the storm-dam-

aged bus fleet. He reported of the 22 buses

in the school district's fleet, 5 were not in the

storm, 17 were damaged by the storm, and

of those 17 affected by the storm, 7 are re-


High School Principal Tyler Church re-

viewed the layout of high school rooms at M-

State campus for 9-12 grades, as well as the

eight classrooms at the Deer Creek School

which will house the 7th and 8th grade stu-

dents. Elementary Principal Louie Rutten

outlined the six classrooms at St. Ann's

School for Early Childhood/Preschool stu-

dents. K-6 will remain at the elementary

school and the District Office will move from

the elementary music room to the Head Start

house. The above locations were approved.

Gerard Lehmkuhl's change in contract

from .5 to full-time custodian at the Deer

Creek School was approved. Portable

bleachers bid of $122,225 from Seating and

Athletic Facility Enterprises of Ellendale,

were approved. Activities Director Norm

Gallant reviewed the athletic schedule for the

upcoming 2010-11 school year. Food Servic-

es Director Sandie Rentz reviewed the food

service plan for the upcoming 2010-11

school year. Technology Coordinator Aaron

Johnson outlined the technology and phone

system plans for the upcoming school year.

He noted that 284 computers were lost in the

high school due to the storm.

July 19, 2010: Chairperson Pate recog-

nized students, staff and the community for

helping rebuild our community after the June

17th tornadoes.

Bills were approved. A motion was made

by Perkins, seconded by Techam, to ap-

prove Attachment 10, the Health and Safety

Program Revenue Application. Motion


According to Riverport Insurance, a report

should be ready by July 29. An initial assess-

ment is not complete due to chemical and

environmental analysis. Chairperson Pate

provided the board with the upcoming spe-

cial board meeting schedule: July 26, Aug. 2

and Aug. 9, as the school district transitions

through the high school disaster.

Food Services Director Sandie Rentz re-

ported on the milk and bread bids for the up-

coming 2010-11 school year. She recom-

mended Sara Lee for the bread bid and

Cass-Clay for the milk bids. The bread bid

to Sara Lee and the milk bid to Cass Clay for

the 2010-11 school year were both ap-


Transportation Director Tim Wohlert pre-

sented two school bus proposals from Thom-

as Bus Company and Blue Bird Bus Compa-

ny to replace the storm-damaged fleet. Tech-

nology Coordinator Aaron Johnson reported

on the technology update for Internet and the

phone system.

Superintendent Dahlstrom reported on a

staff invite on Aug. 26 for a Celebration of

Education event at The Bistro as a thank you

from the community after the disaster. The

Minnesota Attorney General will be meeting

with school administration, board members

and Wadena city officials in St. Paul on July

23. She reported on the new locations for

students. Church reported on the Deer

Creek facility and the progress being made

there. M-State facility is also getting the fa-

cility ready. Monty Johnson was available to

field questions from the school board. Plans

are to meet with M-State president later this

week to finalize any details on the M-State

plan. There is an issue of storage at the ele-

mentary school, and may need additional

places for storing desks such as Polman

semi-trailers or portable units. Activities Di-

rector Gallant reported on the locker rooms.

Superintendent Dahlstrom reported on the

St. Ann's site and that they are still working

on lease agreement with the church.

July 26, 2010: Superintendent Dahlstrom

reported that FEMA staff is on site making

their evaluations on the storm damage. She

noted how important it is to log staff and vol-

unteer hours associated with the storm.

WDC's current FEMA rep, Laura Jacobs, will

be working until the middle of August, at

which time Bruce Boyne will take over that


Transportation Director Tim Wohlert re-

viewed the three lease proposals from the

following bus companies: 1.) North Central

2.) Thomas 3.) Hoglund. Hoglund's was ap-

proved. The committee screening Phase I

and II proposals recommended Kraus-An-

derson be awarded the construction project

manager. Kraus- Anderson was approved.

High School rooms at M-State-Wadena:

Principal Church said they are waiting on the

fire marshals to evaluate the capacity for the

rooms to be renovated. A contract agree-

ment is in the process of being finalized on

the M-State site as well. Junior High rooms

at Deer Creek: Principal Church said the

custodial staff is currently in the process of

cleaning, painting and moving desks and

chairs into the classrooms. Considerable

progress has been made. Preschool rooms

at St. Ann's: WDC is waiting on a contract

from the diocese to be finalized. The tenta-

tive date to move in is August 15. Custo-

dians and volunteers have been busy relo-

cating classroom materials at the elemen-


The dissolution of the girls' swimming pro-

gram with Staples-Motley Schools was ap-


WDC Parent Ric Harrison asked about in-

surance coverage from the storm damage,

about the Kraus-Anderson contract, and

about additional expenses likely to incur for

the WDC boys hockey club. Wayne Wolden

reported on continued efforts to remind the

public about safety concerns with the dam-

aged school.

Aug. 2, 2010: WDC personnel is currently

working with FEMA on the Deer Creek and

M-State facility. Plans are for Kraus-Ander-

son to propose a second opinion on the Deer

Creek and M-State facility. Bruce Boyne will

join the FEMA team next week as WDC

School's rep. FEMA will be working with the

school on security and bus leases as well.

Chair Pate and Superintendent Dahlstrom

met with Riverport Insurance Services presi-

dent Doug Pfeifer on July 29, at which time

Pfeifer presented the insurance report with

no settlement given. Kraus-Anderson is cur-

rently in process of compiling an estimate on

a rebuild "like for like" structure.

Church reported the classrooms at M-

State are set with some minor modifications

left to be made. Textbooks are in the pro-

cess of being ordered. Classrooms are

ready at Deer Creek; technology is in the

process of being installed. Preschool rooms

at St. Ann's: Waiting on contract; however,

plans are to move in after Aug. 15. Elemen-

tary: Dee Skogen is painting a paw print in

middle of the gym. Bleachers may be in-

stalled sometime around Sept. 27. The M-

State-Wadena contract for the next two

school years was approved.

Mayor Wayne Wolden presented no smok-

ing corridors between the M-State, elemen-

tary and high school streets. Enforcement

would be the responsibility of the city. Signs

will be posted to designate areas.

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