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Wadena County GIS now recognized as separate department

Mike Gibson, Human Resources Consultant, conducted a comparable worth study of the Wadena County geographic information system (GIS) position, currently held by Gina Dahms.

The study was led by Gibson and completed with the assistance of Gina Dahms, Deana Skov, Wadena County Planning and Zoning Department Head, Ryan Odden, Wadena County Highway Department Engineer, Jeff Adolphson, Wadena County Highway Department Assistant Engineer and Joanne Derby, Teamster Union Business Agent. The study group met on three occasions, focusing on current activity and anticipated growth in demand for services from GIS. At the completion of the study, group consensus was to support the findings of the group, as follows:

• The demands for GIS services have created a work load justifying a full time position;

• Recommends GIS become an independent county department;

• Recommend department be budgeted for one full time employee;

• Recommend Gina Dahms be designated the Department Head;

• Other County Departments needing GIS services be charged for services rendered;

The duties, responsibilities, required skills and knowledge justify a Minnesota State Job Match job evaluations score of 291 points, Grade 53.

The board discussed the recommendations of Gibson. At the conclusion of discussion, all recommendations of Gibson, with the exception of designating Dahms the department head, were unanimously approved by the board.

Gibson was also asked to conduct a study of the certified solid waste attendant job description. As a result of that study, a requirement of having a Class A CDL was added to the position requirements. Duties, responsibilities, required skills and knowledge of the position warranted a State Job Match job evaluation score of 210 (previously 145) and a grade of 51 (previously 49).