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Find a struggle for land, wealth and power

Here are some of the new editions in our library.


Adult Fiction

"In the Absence of Honor" - Jim Proebstle. When Jake Lorenz retreats to his family's cabin in the North Minnesota woods for the winter, he's looking for peace, quiet, and time to reflect on the loss of his wife and his job. But instead, he finds destruction and death -- a gruesome murder scene on his very doorstep. The more he discovers about the death, the deeper he is drawn into a shadowy struggle for land, wealth, and power. There are forceful men who don't want him to search any further: the corrupt tribal council that controls the nearby Ojibwe casino, the secretive and antisocial plutocrat who owns half the peninsula, and the ruthless Indian Mafia, to name a few. But to save the community he loves, which is set in this harsh and lovely wilderness, Jake must battle personal demons and the deadly forces of man and nature to learn the truth. With origins dating back 200 years and outcomes that could appear in tomorrow's newspaper, In the Absence of Honor whisks readers through a tale of conspiracy, fraud, deception, and betrayal -- that reverberate from a small northern community and Indian reservation to powerful forces in Washington, D.C.

"Insatiable" - Meg Cabot. The author of the popular "Princess Diaries" series and "Queen of Babble" (2006) jumps on the vampire bandwagon. Meena Harper is a young soap opera writer who possesses the power to see how people are going to die. This ability has allowed her to save the lives of those she cares about, but it's also made her something of an outsider. Her dreams of becoming the head writer on her show, "Insatiable," are dashed when the job is given to a well-connected rival who wants to add a vampire character to the sudser. Meena is dismayed by the turn of events at work until a mysterious stranger named Lucien rescues her from a bizarre bat attack. Their romance takes off, until a smoldering vampire hunter named Alaric breaks into Meena's apartment and tells her the man she's dating is the prince of darkness. Meena doesn't want to believe her lover is actually a vampire, but the gravity of the situation becomes apparent when she finds herself embroiled in a deadly vampire war.

"Ship Breaker" - Bacigalupi (youth fiction). This YA debut by Bacigalupi, a rising star in adult science fiction, presents a dystopian future like so many YA novels. What is uncommon, though, is that although Bacigalupi's future Earth is brilliantly imagined and its genesis anchored in contemporary issues, it is secondary to the memorable characters. In a world in which society has stratified, fossil fuels have been consumed, and the seas have risen and drowned coastal cities, Nailer, 17, scavenges beached tankers for scrap metals on the Gulf Coast. Every day, he tries to "make quota" and avoid his violent, drug-addicted father. After he discovers a modern clipper ship washed up on the beach, Nailer thinks his fortune is made, but then he discovers a survivor trapped in the wreckage -- the "swank" daughter of a shipping-company owner.

"Theodore 'Kid Lawyer' Boone" - John Grisham. After years of taking on lawyers of the adult persuasion, best-selling writer Grisham turns to a lawyer who's only 13. Well, Theo Boone hasn't taken the bar, but he offers advice to his friends, hangs out at the courthouse, and watches Perry Mason reruns. Things turn serious, however, when a witness to a murder, a young illegal immigrant, comes to Theo with evidence. The trial is in full swing, and it looks like the defendant will walk unless Theo comes forward. But he's promised the young man he will keep his identity confidential. What should he do? Grisham doesn't have the whole writing-for-kids thing down quite yet. His style, a little stiff, sometimes seems as if it's written for an earlier era. In one howler, he introduces Theo's teacher: "He always addressed them as 'men' and for 13-year-olds there was no greater compliment." The moral dilemma Grisham poses is interesting, but when Theo (logically) calls in the adults, it loses tension. Problem-solver Theo sometimes seems like a sophisticated Encylopedia Brown, and as with the boy detective, expect to see more of him.


"America's Top Doctors" - 9th Edition

Adult Non Fiction

"An Eagle Named Freedom" - Jeff Guidry

"Blindsided (Surviving a Grizzly Attack)" - Jim Cole (Biog.)

"Captive: My Time as a Prisoner of the Taliban" - Jere Van Dyke

"Citizen You" - Jonathan Tischi

"Feed Your Pet Right" - Nestle & Nesheim

"Finding Chandra (A True Washington Murder Mystery)" - Higham & Horwitz

"Getting Pretty Back" - Molly Ringwald

"In a Heartbeat" - Leigh Ann & Sean Tuohy (Biog.)

"Passages of Caregiving" - Gail Sheehy

"Sizesexy" - Stella Ellis

"Spiritual Partnership" - Gary Zukav

"Spoken from the Heart" - Laura Bush (Biog)

"The Blueprint" - Ken Blackwell & Ken Klukowski

"The Council of Dads" - Bruce Feiler (Biog.)

"The Devil's Rooming House" - M. William Phelps

"The Great Reset" - Richard Florida

"The Shadow Effect" - Chopra, Ford, Williamson

"The Sons of Liberty" - A. Lagos

"The Treasures of Minnesota's North Shore and Gunflint Trail" - Jim Cordes

"The Way I See It" - Melissa Anderson (Biog.)

"Triumph-Life after the Cult" - Carolyn Jessop

Large Print Fiction

"A Secret Affair" - Mary Balogh

"Dangerous" - Diana Palmer

"Family Ties" - D. Steel

"Game Over" - Fern Michaels

"Garrett" - Linda Lael Miller

"In Bed With the Duke" - Christina Dodd

"Out of Mind" - Stella Cameron

"Predator" - Terri Blackstock

"Private" - J. Patterson

"Queen of the Night" - J.A.Jance

"Sizzling Sixteen" - Janet Evanovich

"Storm Prey" - John Sandford

"The Search" - Nora Roberts

"The Walk" - Richard Paul Evans

Junior Fiction

"Krispin the End of Time" - Avi

"Ghost Beach (Goosebumps)" - Stine

"Gold Medal Murder (Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys)" - Keene

"How to Save Your Tail" - M. Hanson (A Maud Hart Lovelace nominee)

"Invasion from Planet Dork" (Melvin Beederman) - Trine

"Secret Sabotage (Nancy Drew)" - Keene

"The Case of the Coyote Invasion" - Erickson

"The Sloppy Copy Slipup" (A Maud Hart Lovelace nominee) - DyAnne DiSalvo

Junior Non Fiction

"Who Lives in the Forest" - Lisa Herndon


"A Fairytale Fall" - Jordan

"Dash" - Elizabeth Mills

"Dora's Big Birthday Adventure" - Silverhardt

"Dragons Fall Fair" - Conlon

"I Love School" - H. Wilhelm

"Ready for Kindergarten Stinky Face?" - McCourt

"Scooby Doo and the Cupcake Caper" - Sander

"Spooky Sound" - Laagonegro

"Sweet School Day" - O'Ryan


"I Spy a Skeleton" - Marzollo

"Not All Princesses Dress in Pink" - Yolen


(We have many new hunting DVDs--some are listed below.)

"All Star Turkey Hunting"

"In Pursuit of the King"

"King of the North"

"Majestic Whitetails"

"Mason Dixon Gobblers"

"Taken Spring Longbeards"

"The Bowhunter"

"The Lightning Thief"

"The Other Woman" (Joy Fielding)


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