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An American infantryman from Luxembourg

This week at Fair Oaks Lodge residents managed some outside time before the heat of the day became too hot. Several recalled heat strokes that landed while working in a field of hay or standing side of a big old black Majestic cook stove canning something.

The places that get hottest as we recall, are fields of hay, which any farmer can tell you draws heat, and making jelly. A kettle of jelly has to be stirred constantly or it scorches if you so much as take time to change your mind. We are pleased that those happenings have progressed in our lives to where they are now only memories.

This week you are hearing Joe Heinen's story, another fellow born in Wadena in 1931. Joe's parents were Frank and Mary Heinen. Frank worked as road master for the Great Northern Railroad Company. Joe's father was born in Luxembourg. Joe attended school at St. Ann's. He graduated from Wadena high school.

Joe served in the infantry in the Army. He was sent via ship to Japan where he served for two years. A 10-year job with the railroad came next. Then Joe worked as a city mail carrier for the next 28 years.

Joe married Marladene Derby in 1977. Marladene has worked at First National Bank as its insurance representative for 40 years. They have traveled in the United States as well as a trip to Europe that took them to Germany, Austria and Italy.

Joe and Marladene enjoy their home and big yard. Joe made an outdoor metal Christmas tree blazing with lights during the Christmas season and sports many miniature million bells petunia plants during the growing season of the year.

For the last 15 years, up until his retirement in 1989, Joe worked as a janitor at St. Ann's Catholic School.

Now Joe is facing a major challenge, one he has already conquered in his mind's eye. Poor circulation has made it necessary to take Joe's right leg off below the knee.

Joe has every intention of winning this last battle. What with able doctoring, his will to win and Fair Oaks' super physical therapy crowd, it has all the earmarks of being a win-win situation.