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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 4. 2005 Pioneer Journal

• Highlights from the 2005 Wadena County Fair

With the mud flying and cars crashing, the annual demo derby brought out the participants and fans on Sunday at the Wadena County Fair grandstands. The smash, crunch and bang even delighted demo derby fans as the cars played havoc with each other.

During Friday's Enduro Race, Jay Miller (#25) of New York Mills developed engine troubles on the track and needed a little helping hand from a skid steer to get back to the pits under the caution flag.

With black exhaust spewing, Mark Gamradt pulled the sled with his modified John Deer tractor during Saturday's Wadena County Fair grandstand tractor, truck and semi pull event.

• Junior Olympic softball heads to state

The Wadena 14U Junior Olympic Softball team won the West Fargo Girls Fast Pitch Tournament in July.

The 14U team will now head to Cloquet this weekend, Aug. 6-7, to participate in the state tournament. Both Wadena and New York Mills were tied with a 13-1 record for the season in league play with Wadena ending up winning the league title with a tiebreaker. The girls on the Wadena team are from Bertha, Bluffton, Deer Creek, Verndale and Wadena.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 10, 2000 Pioneer Journal

• Get MADD at drunk drivers

A small group of women formed the first MADD organization, standing for mothers against drunk driving.

Since then their outrage has spread -- creating more than 600 organizations nationwide -- and now Todd and Wadena Counties will be the home for another.

• Computerized grit grinding gets grime out

Many things have changed since Hockert's Cleaners began washing Wadena's wearables 46 years ago. The latest change is the addition of computerized dryers.

"Customers can program the dryers to their drying needs," said Mark Hockert, son of Hockert's Cleaners and Launderers founder John Hockert. "Technology changes so quickly. We are always striving to keep up with the latest advances so we can provide our customers with better service."

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 6, 1985 Pioneer Journal

• Tri-County Hospital announces expansion-renovation project

Plans are currently being finalized for a $1.7 million expansion-renovation project at Wadena's Tri-County Hospital. Construction is expected to begin some time in late September, hospital officials have indicated.

The hospital plans are now being finalized by Horty, Elving and Associates, an architectural and engineering firm Minneapolis. A public bidding process for the construction will be started in early September.

• 'Cry From the Mountain' to show in Wadena Aug. 9-15

"Cry From the Mountain," an adventure film from World Wide Pictures, will show Aug. 9-15 at the Cozy Theatre in Wadena. World Wide Pictures is the film organization of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

"Cry From the Mountain" centers around Larry Sanders and his 10-year-old son, Cal, who are on a camping trip in the Alaskan wilderness. It was to be the last trip they would have together before Larry and his wife Carolyn got a divorce.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the August 6, 1970 Pioneer Journal

• From a Letter to the Editor by Janet Westra

Love it or leave it. That's what I read on bumper stickers. The drivers of these cars are proclaiming what great patriots they are by having these stickers. I am sick of hearing what a great country this is by the silent, do-nothing, don't-care majority.

Recently, in a Minneapolis suburb, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were written over in modern language, put on a petition, and passed around for signers. A very small percentage (less than half) of the people signed. Some called it communist doctrine. Some said that everyone deserved equal rights except hippies of course. Is that shocking patriots? Look it up in the July 3 edition of the Tribune, Robert T. Smith.

Another poll like this was taken in New York City on a street corner. Out of 50 people asked, one signed -- a drunk who wanted a quarter for his signature. Some threatened to call the FBI, again for communistic propaganda. You blew it again, flag-wavers.

• Uselman's, Inc. invited to preview of 1971 showing

Minneapolis, Minn. -- Chrysler-Plymouth dealers of the Minneapolis region previewed the new 1971 Plymouths, Chryslers and Imperials at a private showing at the Radisson Hotel on Aug. 3.

Dealers invited to attend include the top officials of Uselman's Inc., U.S. Highway 10 E, Wadena, Minnesota 56482.

• IBM group photo caption

Wadena Public School-system personnel attended a private informational meeting and computer demonstration at Concordia College, Moorhead, Wednesday. They discussed ways Wadena schools might utilize a computer for instruction and administration.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 10, 1950 Pioneer Journal

• Harry T. Ames appointed supervisor of civil defense

Mayor Frank E. Breher Saturday announced the appointment of Harry T. Ames as local supervisor of civil defense of the village of Wadena. The purpose of the appointment is to solidly establish a network of disaster relief teams and other necessary civil defense agencies throughout Minnesota in a physical status and not just on paper. All pertinent material and programs will be channeled though Ames' office, stated Breher.

"It is mandatory for both our national defense and for peacetime disasters as well," Breher said.

• Visitor from Sweden calls on Wadenans

Mrs. Martha Peterson of Sunsvall, Sweden called on several families in Wadena recently as ambassador of families in Sweden to relatives here.

She states that some things are still rationed over there, most important being coffee. They are allowed only one-half pound for each five weeks. Employment and wages conditions are good there, she stated.