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Police Scanner

July 20

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance in Wadena. The man had a gash in his forehead, and the woman had a bite mark on her hand. When police asked the man how he got the wound, he said he fell down. When police asked him why he bit the woman, he said, "because she kept punching me in the head." Both of them were arrested.

July 21

• A large amount of mail was apparently being taken after it was delivered to mailboxes near Wahoo Valley, according to a Wadena County Sheriff's Department report. A lot of mail was found in ditches near the bridge -- some of it opened, some of it unopened.

July 22

• Two people told police they observed four adults take out a one gallon Ziploc bag that was half-full of marijuana, a 3- to 4-foot tall hookah pipe and a white powdery substance believed to be drugs, all while there were five children in the residence. A search warrant was obtained and a K-9 dog was used in a check of the premises. The dog found a tin box with Tinker Bell stickers on it and an officer collected it as evidence.

• A man reported hearing what sounded like a shotgun blast in Wadena. An officer was not able to locate the source of the sound.

• Two women -- one white and one African-American -- called police after an incident at the Wadena liquor store. Around 7:25 p.m., they were leaving the store when a man starting harassing the African-American female, stating that "colored people had stole his dog," according to the police report. The man then turned his attention to the Caucasian woman, calling her a "race traitor" and saying she "should have gas poured over her and burned to death." The man was described as late 30s, balding and wearing a bluish tank top. Police were unable to find the man for questioning.

• A man reported two people were breaking into vehicles in a Wadena parking lot. The two men had fled the scene when someone approached. One of the men was found, and he said he ran from police because he had been drinking even though his probation forbid it, but the man denied breaking into a vehicle. The witness identified the man as the same one who broke into the vehicle. The man was arrested for a probation violation, tampering with a motor vehicle, obstructing, fleeing on foot and minor consumption.

• Weather spotters reported seeing a tornado touch the ground and then go back up in the sky.

July 23

• A man reported his ex-wife had a police scanner that belonged to him. He also told an officer he had possession of a book shelf valued at $60 that belonged to her, and she was willing to sell it to him, but he didn't want to give her the money, because if he died, he feared she would take it back. He told the officer he didn't want the book shelf reverting to her, and wanted to ensure it would go to his heir. The officer suggested he get a bill of sale or receipt for the book shelf. The man said he didn't want to "get violent," but he would. The officer warned the man not to get himself into trouble, and the man ended the conversation with the officer.

• A man reported to another person that his half ounce of marijuana was missing. The man later called back to say never mind, he had found it.

• A man reported seeing a small, blue airplane fly over just above the tree line near the Ollilla Bridge, then heard a loud explosion and the ground shook.

• A woman reported seeing a stray dog running around, and then someone shot it, but it was still alive.

• Authorities went to a residence where it was reported that a woman was drinking very heavily -- with 3-4 cases of beer and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. The woman answered the door completely naked. An ambulance was called.

July 25

• Another agency requested Wadena police keep a lookout for a white SUV possibly involved in an incident where someone shot a gun into a crowd of 20 people in Deer Creek during Deer Trails Day festival. Three suspects were later found and arrested.

July 26

• A red Chevy Cavalier was reportedly driving on the bike trail near Sunnybrook Park.

July 27

• A man reported six windows had been broken sometime the night before.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.