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That's some lemonade

Photo provided Eric and Emily Carlson, the grandchildren of Dale and Liz Miller of Wadena, enlisted the help of neighborhood kids in a lemonade stand fundraiser that pulled in $1,856.62 for Wadena tornado relief.

After hearing about the Fargo/Moorhead radio station that was raising money for Rainbow playground equipment for Wadena (Froggy 99.9 "Rainbow After the Storm"), Pam (Miller) Carlson's children decided to enlist the help of their friends in Two Harbors, Minn., and sell lemonade for a week.

Carlson is a 1984 graduate of Wadena High School.

About 15 families set up lemonade stands throughout Two Harbors last week and raised a grand total of $1,856.62.

"We were amazed by the generosity of the Two Harbors community and touched by their concern for the people of Wadena," Carlson said. "Last night we celebrated with many of the families that participated and all of the children signed our giant check!"