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Hand of Jesus

Nancy Erckenbrack, of Vancouver, Wash., formerly of Wadena, was walking with her brother-in-law, Kim Gudmestad, around the Wadena Cemetery after the tornado hit, and made a discovery. "I had wanted to take a picture of the crucifix standing so straight while all the tombstones and trees had been toppled. As I was taking pictures about 40 to 50 feet from Kim he called to me 'Jesus' hand is missing.'" Erckenbrack said she sighed, then told her brother-in-law they should look for the hand. "I looked down to my feet and calmed called to him again, 'Oh here it is.' We talked about what to do with the hand and settled on leaving it on the ledge in hopes that someone would be able to replace it. I am thrilled that the hand was discovered and look forward to visiting the crucifix in the near future when I return to Wadena."