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Police Scanner

June 20

• A group of officers responded to a domestic disturbance in Wadena. The people inside a car had started arguing, then pulled over and continued the argument outside. A woman who was holding a baby said one of the men was pulling on her and she was afraid she'd drop the baby. Two men there starting arguing and fighting, and both were arrested. The police learned the men were in town to volunteer to help with tornado cleanup, but would then expect a tip when they were done.

July 7

• Police were called to a possible domestic disturbance. They learned a man had made a comment about a younger man, that his generation was lazy. The younger man took offense, because he had done some work for one of the parties, but couldn't lift heavy items due to a herniated disk in his back.

July 11

• A woman reported witnessing a maroon car back into a Ford pickup, hitting it, and leaving the scene. The driver of the Ford said he didn't want to press charges at this time, as he had only a small dent.

July 13

• A grocery store accepted a check from a man and wrote his driver's license information on the check, and he signed it and filled out the amount with his own pen. Later, when inspecting the check, the store found the only writing on it was when the clerk wrote the driver's license number. The rest of the ink had disappeared, as if written by invisible ink. The man was located through his driver's license number, and showed police he had written a check to the store via his duplicate check in his check book. The man did admit the check may not clear due to insufficient funds.

July 14

• Police responded to a loud noise complaint when a renter was playing his music too loudly and was yelling profanities at some kids. The man was warned he needed to quiet down or he would be arrested. The police left, but were called back about four hours later. The same officer asked the man if he remembered what he told him earlier in the night about being loud. The man said he just got home and hadn't talked to the officer earlier in the night. The man was given a breath test, but failed to follow instructions and the machine wouldn't register. He was arrested. While at the jail, he made a fist in an apparent attempt to punch one of the jailors when his handcuffs were taken off. He was told he'd be tased if he didn't cooperate. He complied.

• The sheriff's office assisted with a 6-year-old who fell out of a bunk bed and complained of neck pain.

• A trucker said she was southbound on U.S. Highway 71 and heard a loud bang on her semi. She got out to look at the 18-wheeler and found four paintball strikes on the side of the truck.

July 16

• A short, stocky bearded man was apparently upset with how lettuce was put on a sandwich he purchased at a restaurant, and became upset and unruly. He became abusive with the staff, and police were called. The man was gone by the time police arrived, and he was not found.

July 17

• A vehicle was struck by lightning on U.S. Highway 71. The lightning blew out the front left tire and fried the electrical system of the car, but no one inside was hurt.

July 18

• A vehicle fire was reported by the owner, who had pulled over to check on something when the truck caught fire. The vehicle was a total loss, and was not insured.

• A caller reported a blue fan boat being driven on the river near Wahoo Valley by "a person that looks like Santa Claus."

July 19

• A woman reported hit-and-run damage to her 2006 Ford 500. She said she hadn't noticed the damage, which was on her passenger's side, until a passenger pointed it out. There was red paint transfer on the bumper and quarter panel.

• A tractor in a field on 200th Street was reported on fire. The tractor was a total loss and a bale grinder was heavily damaged.

• Around 8 p.m., police were called to a Wadena business because a customer was "preaching" to staff and customers, and had become belligerent with them. One worker said he prayed for her and asked God to give her "supernatural powers," then found the man later waiting by her car outside. The worker said, "The whole situation just made me feel really weird and creeped out." The man was given a trespass notice, which he tore up in front of the staff and walked away. An officer found the man talking to a young man in the sports aisle "who appeared to be very uncomfortable," the officer reported. The officer told the man he wouldn't be allowed to harass the customers in the store, and he said he could "do what he wanted because he was witnessing to people," the officer wrote in his report. The officer believed the man had a mental illness and asked if he had been treated for one, which the man denied. The officer said since the store had given him notice, he needed to leave or he'd be arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. The man said, "Well, I'm not leaving, so you better arrest me." The officer arrested him. At the jail, he became combative with staff and had to be put in an isolation cell after throwing a chair at one of the jailors. The man was kicking and screaming inside his cell, and kept ringing the jailors and praying for them. It was learned the man had been treated for 8-10 years and stopped taking his meds around Christmas.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.