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Wadena Area Replant Project targets 10,000 trees in 2011

"The city of Wadena has lost a large part of their community forest due to the tornado," said Anne Oldakowski, a forestry technician with the Wadena Soil & Water Conservation District.

The Wadena Area Replant Project has been created by a group of thoughtful citizens, many who are involved in businesses within our community. The goal of the project is to raise $100,000 to replant 10,000 trees into Wadena in 2011.

Why donate? The community wants their trees back. A total $100,000 would mean 10,000 trees -- a huge start to bringing back Wadena's stature as a Tree City USA.

Erik Osberg from Edward Jones Investments is part of this group.

"$100,000 could maybe replace one home for one family, or we could plant 10,000 trees and change the landscape of our community, forever," he said.

Trees provide numerous benefits including energy savings, stress reduction, a connection with nature, absorption of carbon dioxide, oxygen production, increased property values, habitat for wildlife and control erosion.

A website has been created for the project:, where you can donate online through and the Initiative Foundation. You can also view progress of the project on the website, which will soon included a discussion board on donating trees and volunteering to help replant our community. You can also follow the project on Facebook as Wadena Area Replant Project.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Anne or Molly at the Wadena Soil & Water Conservation District at (218) 631-3195 ext 3.