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Police Scanner

June 19

• An officer observed a man speeding on Harry - Rich Drive, going around 90-100 mph. The man was pulled over and asked how fast he thought he was going, and he said, "as fast as the car would go." He said he was working as a clerk at a Wadena store and had seen someone from his past, and he "just had to leave and go home as fast as I could." The officer asked who was tending the store now, and the man said no one was. He was given a ticket for careless driving.

July 6

• A man called police to report that some workers at the Armory who were in charge of driver's exams were rude to him, and weren't polite. He said they were having trouble with their eye exam machine, although it eventually worked and he passed the test.

July 7

• A man reported he had a 4x8 advertisement sign in his yard, and someone had rearranged the letters to say, "Smooth like Keystone."

July 8

• A man showed up at the tornado-damaged high school asking to gain entry. He showed a business card that said he was with the Department of Labor and Industry. He was asked to sign in and provide ID, and the man became upset and quickly left the school.

• An officer responded to a driving complaint of a van that was "all over the road." When the officer found the van, he reported seeing the female driver with her "head bent back against the head rest, [and] it appeared she was sleeping." Her vehicle then crossed the fog line. The officer was able to get the woman pulled over, and she had three children in the car with her. She was asked if she was under the influence of anything, and she reported she was on prescription medication for anxiety. She was unable to pull her driver's license out of her wallet, then failed field sobriety tests. She was arrested for driving under the influence, and the kids were given safe rides home.

• A woman reported her husband's prescription medication missing or stolen. The medication included some Vicodin.

July 9

• Officers responded to a report of a man walking down the center of U.S. Highway 71 north of Hewitt. The man was found and he had blood on his shirt. The man explained his girlfriend had hit him and now he was walking home. The officer offered him a ride, recognizing the man was intoxicated. On the ride to Wadena, the man told the officer repeatedly that he planned to take revenge on his girlfriend, and said he would be back inside a police car once he gave his "old lady some lumps." When they arrived in Wadena, the man was told he could be dropped off at a friend's house in town, could go to detox or could go to jail. The man started walking away and resisted arrest, then complied after officers drew Tasers but did not fire them.

• A man reported that he had seen a report on the news the night before about pipe bombs, and had spotted a pipe with ends on it in Wadena and thought he should report it. An officer checked it out, but the pipe was just storm debris from the tornado.

• A man reported he may have seen Peter Achermann, a Staples man missing since last summer, driving a van in Wadena. The police ran the license plate and found the person who was driving the van and Achermann bore a resemblance, but it was not Achermann.

July 11

• A Wadena squad car received minor damage when an officer was attempting to respond to a domestic disturbance.

July 12

• Police were searching for a man in connection with a missing car when they came across him on foot. The man, who was known to police, had two recent court appearances and was on conditions of release, including abstaining from alcohol. The man told the officer he was not on probation and not on anything. A breathalyzer showed his blood alcohol content was over .20. He was arrested, and was very angry, the officer reported. The man said he is 49 years old and can do anything he wants, including drink.

• A woman reported she had entered into a contract with a home repair company to deal with her tornado damage, and the company had her sign that she would pay $1,500 if she canceled the deal. She later changed her mind, and negotiated that she would pay $500 and get out of the contract if the homebuilder sent her a notice of cancellation. She received a bill for $500 but no notice of cancellation.

• A man on Wadena County Road 100 reported seeing a large animal, believed to be a mountain lion, at 4 p.m.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.