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Bell tower placed on Hewitt museum

Photo provided A crane lowers a bell tower in place at the old Hewitt school.

Can a decrepit old school building smile?

If so, the old Hewitt school, now a museum, must be grinning from ear to ear the while she watches an 80 foot crane, owned by Becker Construction Company of Eagle Bend, effortlessly guide a shiny new bell tower, dangling at the end of a cable, on its way to replace the one demolished 90 years ago this month by a tornado.

However, while there are early pictures of the school none of them show a bell in the bell tower. The question is, where was the bell, and does a bell tower serve any purpose without a bell?

Three complete roofs were uncovered along with countless patch-jobs before workmen reached the original job of cedar shingles. The original shingles, many still in great shape, are being saved for who knows what?

As more funds hopefully become available, other badly needed repairs will be made. Windows come next. The building was put on the National Register of Historical places in 2006. A grant for $156,369 to be finished by September, is making renovation of this unique old treasure possible.