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Pentel to visit Wadena to discuss ecological consciousness

The Ecolocy Democracy Party's gubernatorial candidate, Ken Pentel, will hold a discussion in Wadena July 11 on the topic of bringing ecological consciousness and greater democracy to politics in Minnesota.

The discussion will be at 2 p.m. at Green Island Preserve and Retreat, at 850 Scheer Dr. NE.

The Ecology Democracy Party grew from the already flourishing Ecology Democracy Network, established by Pentel over the last two years while bicycling more than 6,000 miles grass roots organizing around the state. The Ecology Democracy Party was established to transition the thinking and action in our culture from a human-centered to an ecological-centered approach in relation to how we manage our relationship with our home, planet Earth.

Pentel is a Minnesota native and former Green Party gubernatorial candidate with 11 years of work experience with Greenpeace and 12 years of work experience developing the Minnesota Green Party.