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Furry creatures take up tenancy

Photo by Brian Hansel A nest of cottontail rabbits occupy the backyard of Jim and Betty Williams in the devastated portion of southwest Wadena.1 / 2
Photo by Brian Hansel Betty Williams inspects the home of her new "tenants."2 / 2

Jim and Betty Williams have a house for sale on Eighth Street Southwest in Wadena but they had expected to close a deal and sign some papers before any new tenants moved onto the property.

It hasn't quite worked out that way.

Five baby cottontail rabbits have appeared in a hole in the backyard. When they arrived on the property no one seems to know, but since the Williamses' roofing contractor notified them of the new occupants on Wednesday they have been kept hopping.

The bunny nest was found near the stump of a 25-year-old Canadian Balsam that the Williamses had lost in the June 17 tornado. It is an exciting find for the Williamses, but it has also placed them on the spot. Everyone knows a stray dog or cat should be reported to the Humane Society, but what about wild creatures?

There was no evidence of a mother in the vicinity Thursday morning, so the Williamses planned to contact Carolyn Hartman of the Wadena Humane Society and ask her advice.