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Archaeologists come to dinner

Photo provided U of M Archaeologist Kat Hayes shows off items during a recent dinner at the Wadena County Historical Society.

The Wadena County Historical Society board members hosted a pot luck meal for visiting archaeologists, Old Wadena Society and friends on June 23.

After their meal they had a show and tell of some of their finds. There was a small tool used to scrape hides, a deer jaw and other treasures.

University of Minnesota Archaeologist Kat Hayes showed everyone a find with much interest.

Hayes conducted a field school at Old Wadena Park between Wadena and Staples. The 12 archaeologists, Kat Hayes and her assistant took the students into the field to show them how to dig.

People went out to the Old Wadena site and were welcomed to volunteer and dig with the fields school archaeologists. They were at the site from June 14 to July 9. Items were tagged and researched When the archaeologists are finished with them, they will come to the historical society's museum to display for public viewing.