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June 16

• A minor accident was reported on Bryant Ave. SW, between Jefferson Street and First Street SW. No one was injured.

June 25

• A Wadena officer pulled over a car that was driving in a tornado-damaged area because the occupants were taking photos out of their car and not paying attention to their driving. The officer noted there was debris all over and plenty of foot traffic. When he talked to the two men, the officer found the driver had a suspended license and the passenger had a warrant out for his arrest in Polk County for theft. The man with the warrant was arrested.

June 28

• An officer patrolling the tornado zone in Wadena saw a woman sitting in a car in a driveway, and suspected there may be looting going on. The officer sat and watched for 15 minutes, but the woman still sat in the car. The officer went to check on her and recognized her as someone with a warrant in effect for drug crimes in another county. The woman was searched, and a white powdery substance found in her possession field-tested positive for methamphetamine. She was taken into custody.

June 29

• A theft of a safe was reported from a Wadena residence. The safe needed a key and a combination to open.

• A woman was driving on Wadena County Road 26 when something struck her back window, shattering it. She believed it was a BB gun. The deputy looked at the window and noted the hole was very small -- perhaps even smaller than a BB.

• A 2-year-old boy fell and hit his head when he was getting out of the bathtub. A deputy gave the dad a ride to the hospital because he was distraught.

June 30

• A woman reported a strange man had tried to retrieve her extra house key. When the woman's daughter confronted the man about what he was doing, he quickly ran off without the key.

• A two-vehicle accident was reported near the Wadena Armory on U.S. Highway 71. The driver of the trailing vehicle said he looked away for a second and hit the lead vehicle, which had slowed down to make a right turn. A woman in the lead vehicle was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The accident occurred at 1:15 p.m.

• A man was cited for driving a vehicle with the tags meant for another vehicle, among other charges. The man admitted he took the tags from his relative's vehicle and put them on his car. He faces charges of registration tax evasion, under 21 drinking and driving, no insurance, and failure to transfer title.

July 1

• A man reported he thought his neighbor had poisoned his dog. The deputy urged the man to bring the dog to the vet to see if it had actually been poisoned. The deputy also advised the man to keep the dog in his own yard.

July 2

• About 10 four-wheelers were driving recklessly and running over small trees at a camping site. The four-wheel drivers agreed to park the machines for the night.

• A woman overdosed on pills and rum, and was taken to Park Rapids to the hospital.

July 5

• A child reported a man had threatened to beat her up and pour juice on her head.

• A caller reported about 15 kids were partying near the Mary Brown Bridge and were running into traffic. The large group was gone by the time officers arrived.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.