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Police Scanner

June 15

• An officer stopped a vehicle because he saw the headlights flashing and thought the driver may be in distress. The driver of the vehicle explained that he was not flashing his headlights, but they were dimming because he had his radio on very loud and the electricity in the car was being diverted from the headlights to the stereo. The driver explained that "Radar Love" by Golden Earring was playing on the radio. The officer closed the case.

June 18

• Police assisted emergency responders with a man who fell into a pile of debris.

• Four juveniles were found looking at the remains of the Wadena Area Community Center. Parents were reached for the four.

June 19

• A Hubbard County deputy saw a suspicious looking man walking around First Street and Garfield in Wadena. The deputy found the man lying face down in a garden. He ordered the man to show him his hands, but the man did not comply. The deputy pulled the man out of the garden by a leg and told him to show his hands, and the man still did not comply. The deputy flipped the man over by his legs and eventually, the man showed him his hands. The man was booked for fleeing on foot, obstruction and trespassing. He told the deputy he didn't want to stop and get a pass to go home, so he tried to slip back in past police barricades.

June 20

• Officers arrested a young man for trying to run past the security check point. The man had been consuming alcohol which he had allegedly purchased with a fake ID. He was taken to jail.

• Law enforcement responded to a one-vehicle rollover accident. One person was injured and was bleeding from the head, but alert and conscious.

• A fight was reported around 1:30 a.m. at the Cottingham Park campground. A person said another group of campers came over and threw fireworks into their camp fire and then started making threats.

• Authorities responded to a one-vehicle rollover accident with unknown injuries around 6:19 a.m.

• A man reported another man assaulted him with a bat.

June 21

• An intoxicated man was trying to sell a pair of binoculars for money at a fast food restaurant. He was taken home and told to stay there for the night.

• A two-vehicle accident was called in. It was not certain if any injuries were involved.

June 22

• A homeowner on 12th Street Southwest was burning brush in his yard. A neighbor was worried the fire could spread to storm debris. However, the residence where the burning was occurring was outside the city limits, and the city didn't have jurisdiction to tell the landowner to stop.

June 23

• Police arrested a contractor who had allegedly been posing as a FEMA worker and other officials.

• The sheriff's office was asked for extra patrol after a person threatened to burn another person's home down.

• A sentence to service inmate was taken from the Wadena County Fairgrounds to the emergency room at the hospital.

June 24

• A woman was arrested for assault after a family altercation over fixing a tornado-damaged property.

• A drunk man was arrested for trying to sell some video tapes. The man had previously been warned for trying to sell binoculars for money at a fast food restaurant.

• Two other law enforcement agencies assisted Wadena County Jail staff with a belligerent inmate.

June 27

• Police assisted with an animal in distress. The doberman was dragging a chain with a tree branch attached, and had become tangled under a wheelbarrow. The dog was taken to the Humane Society.

June 28

• Police investigated possible vandalism to the old Carter gas station next to the library, now owned by the city. The damage included broken glass block and bent parts on an air conditioner. It was not believed to have been caused by the tornado.

June 29

• A man was stopped for violating curfew, and he had already been warned three times about it. He was arrested for trespass.

• A berry farm was reportedly vandalized.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.