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Improved Radiology Department at Henning Medical Clinic

Photo provided Deb Miller, MLT and X-ray equipment operator, is using the new CR equipment to X-ray a patient.

Henning Medical Clinic recently remodeled its radiology room to serve its patients more efficiently.

The newly remodeled room has become more user-friendly for both patients and staff. It now features updated, state-of-the-art Computerized Radiography (CR) equipment which has been inspected by the Minnesota Department of Health. This modern equipment allows for patients to have their X-rays taken in a wheel chair, standing or laying down on a table.

This new CR equipment allows the X-ray images to be sent directly to Tri-County Hospital's on-site radiologist, Dr. McCullough, allowing him the ability to view the images right away and relay the results to your physician while you are still at the clinic.

HMC's improved Radiology Department will continue Henning's commitment to community health and for all patients at Tri-County Health Care. Radiology services are available Monday through Friday. Please call 877-677-9583 for more information or to schedule an appointment.