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Pets being reunited with owners in Wadena

Carolyn Hartman has been fielding pet problems that are a little out of the ordinary since June 17 when a twister hit Wadena.

The volunteer coordinator of the Wadena County Humane Society has been helping people find their missing pets.

"Our biggest frustration is the people that pick up pets and take them out of town," Hartman said.

The assumption that Hartman is making is that the pets are being cared for by whoever finds them. While acts of kindness are appreciated, a phone call to the Humane Society or the Wadena sheriff's office would be even more appreciated.

"We need to get those pets back to their owners," Hartman said.

Hartman said dogs that survived the tornado turned up fairly quickly, but some cats hid for several days. They began to appear when hunger overcame their fear.

"One man walked in two days ago with a cat, and while he was there, the cat's owner walked in," Hartman said.

The Humane Society has live traps and carriers for people to use in retrieving pets.

The Humane Society is at 310 Ash Avenue Northwest in Wadena. The number is (218) 632-5938.