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More newspapers coming; special subscriptions

More Wadena Pioneer Journal June 19 issue date newspapers will be available for sale this (Monday) evening.

Though the PJ did print a larger run than usual of this issue, the demand was even greater than we anticipated. We plan to replenish the stores with our newspapers again tonight. We're printing an extra 1,000 papers this afternoon, so there will be enough for everyone who wants a copy or copies.

Also, for people who would like to switch from receiving an Intercom to receiving the Pioneer Journal so they have access to tornado recovery news in the coming months, we're offering a special six-month subscription for $18. This is only within the "Wadena Trade Area," which is Intercom subscribers. So you're eligible if you currently get an Intercom. If you'd like to switch, stop by our office at 314 S. Jefferson, or if you can't make it here, call circulation director Lisa Schmidt at (218) 631-2561 and she can get it switched over for you.

Thank you for your patience.