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Police Scanner

May 22

• A man was followed out of a Wadena store, and was found to have stuffed a package of women's underwear in his left pant leg, and a pair of men's boxer shorts in his right leg. He had also jammed a 150 fluid ounce jug of Tide detergent down his pants. In the vehicle he was approaching, a woman inside had also allegedly stolen socks and underwear. Also, the vehicle was illegally parked in a handicapped spot. The driver of the vehicle, the man and the woman were all cited. A fourth person with the group was also arrested.

May 25

• A man was cited for shoplifting for allegedly trying to leave a store in Wadena without paying for a value pack of T-shirts, a Super Mario T-shirt, some underpants and some earrings.

June 2

• The Wadena Library issued four theft by swindle reports to the police department for possible prosecution. The four offending parties allegedly failed to return several items each to the library that they had checked out, and the value of those items ranged in each case from $215 to $572.

June 3

• An officer was dispatched to a hit-and-run accident at the intersection of U.S. Highways 71 and 10. The driver of an SUV hit another vehicle, then fled the scene.

June 8

• An inmate at the Wadena jail made statements that someone else at the jail had threatened to kill him. Authorities decided to move the man.

June 9

• A caller phoned police to report hearing 6-8 gunshots about 10:40 p.m. A deputy responded and also heard gunshots. A man there admitted to shooting at a tree in his yard. The deputy advised him not to be shooting his gun in the dark. The man agreed to put the weapon away for the night.

June 11

• Wadena police handled a garbage complaint. A woman had rented a large roll-off metal truck Dumpster which had been on her property for 14 days, and contained household garbage, which was now omitting a foul odor. The woman was told she needed to have the Dumpster emptied because it was a violation of city garbage ordinance.

• A Wadena business called to report that someone had used more than $900 in Sacajewea coins to purchase a money order. The business manager was suspicious that these coins could have been stolen from someone else's collection.

• A man told authorities someone identifying himself as a deputy called and spoke to the man's 7-year-old son, asked a few questions, then hung up.

June 12

• A parked vehicle was hit by falling bricks from a Wadena building. The bricks apparently fell from the building, bounced off an awning, and hit the car, damaging it. Barricades were set up around the area to prevent future problems.

• A man called to report he was threatened by another man who was weilding a running chainsaw at the time. No arrests were made in the incident.

June 13

• A woman contacted police with a complaint that an acquaintance of hers had taken her car and had a title made for the vehicle. The officer ran the vehicle registration and it was registered to her, not him. The officer contacted the man, who was argumentative about the car. When the officer asked where the car was, he said, "I don't know, maybe I sold it." He called the officer one of the "worthless Wadena [expletive] pigs" and hung up.

• Wadena County deputies assisted Cass County with a one-vehicle rollover. One man was hurt, and was reportedly bleeding from the head.

• Authorties assisted with a man who was unresponsive with needles stuck in his arm. The man was apparently shooting up Oxycontin.

• An 11-month-old girl accidentally pulled the hair of a stray dog that then bit her. The dog was brought to the Humane Society for a 10-day quarantine. The girl suffered a small puncture on her hand and a scratch by her eye.

• A small fire was contained in the laundry room of a home on Hickory Avenue in Wadena.

June 14

• A woman was reported for selling steaks out of her vehicle, possibly without a permit. Police contacted the woman, who was working for a West Fargo company selling meat. She could not produce any certificate, license or permit for the meat sales door-to-door. Police told her she needed to get a license from the city if she planned to sell in town.

June 15

• A man had some gas that was spilled from a boat motor in an attached garage in Menahga, and decided to try to get rid of the gas by burning it off. His shoe started on fire, and he tried to shake the shoe to get the fire out, but accidentally kicked the gas can, which exploded and started a large fire. There was extensive damage inside the garage, and smoke damage to the home it was attached to.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.