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Survivor saved by Good Samaritan

Photo by Brian Hansel Sandy Warp and her mother, Louise Ollie, managed brave smiles at the National Guard Armory in Wadena. Ollie was hit in the head by a cement block from her 46-year-old home and required medical attention. Warp was in Wadena for the All-School Reunion.

Southwest Wadena looked like a war zone Thursday evening and Louise Ollie was glad to be one of the survivors.

Louise and her husband, Bruno, built their home at 728 Irving Ave. Southwest in Wadena 46 years ago. They raised their family there and they were looking forward to a wonderful weekend with the arrival of their children, Sandy and Steve, and their families.

Sandy and her parents took shelter in the basement and heard two sirens go off. As the tornado struck, Louise was hit in the head with a cement block. She needed medical attention but there was no transportation available.

That is when Mark Kumpula arrived.

Like Sandy, Mark was in town for the All-School Reunion. He quickly took Louise and Sandy to Tri-County Hospital where Louise was treated and then released.

"He was a Good Samaritan," Louise said later as she waited at the National Guard Armory in Wadena, flanked by Sandy and First Congregational Pastor Bob Griggs.

Bruno was back at their house on Irving Avenue helping to clear debris.

The tornado caught Louise by surprise. At the age of 88 she thought there were few dangers in life for her left to face. She wore a brave smile as she sat in the Armory's big, dark auditorium.

"We need to be happy," she said as she gripped her daughter's hand.