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May 28

• A Wadena business reported receiving a counterfeit $20 bill.

May 29

• A man was called by his sister at 7 a.m., who asked him why he was on Facebook at 3 a.m. The man said he had gone to bed between 10:30 and 11 p.m. He went to look at his computer, which was missing. The Apple MacBook Pro was charging next to his dresser, on which he had a wallet that was also missing $500 cash. The police believe whoever stole the laptop and the cash had been on the man's Facebook account. While there, the suspect engaged in a conversation with the victim's sister. The computer, which was only 1-2 months old, was valued at $2,500.

• While an officer responded to a call of a suspicious person at one Wadena convenience store, another officer was observing and saw two men enter the store as the first officer entered. Then the two were seen "hopping and skipping" through the intersection of U.S. Highway 71. The second officer spoke to the two men, who were brothers and said they were homeless and said they get "hassled by the police all the time." They were both released.

• Police responded to a call of two brothers having a loud fight. When the officer arrived, she heard one of the men say to the other, "I don't like it when we fight." When the officer entered the apartment, she noticed broken glass on the floor and asked the two brothers if they were OK. They said everything was OK, and the police could leave now. Another officer arrived and asked if he could look in the apartment, and the residents gave consent. The officers found broken glass, potted plants lying everywhere with soil strewn about the floor. One brother said he had thrown the plants. They said they're brothers and they fight, then they make up. No charges were filed.

June 1

• A caller talked with authorities about some property that was willed to her several years ago which was now being listed and sold on eBay. She didn't know who was doing it.

• A man reported a case of identity theft. He had lost his wallet at a park in St. Cloud. His debit card had now been used nine times.

• A driver was stopped for a seat belt violation. The driver called the deputy a "Nazi from Germany" and told the officer to "f--- off" as he handed him the citation.

June 2

• A woman called authorities to report a crop duster plane that sprays crops at the neighbors, but she was upset it was coming over her house, too.

June 3

• At 5:42 a.m., an employee of a Wadena convenience store reported a woman was back in the store for the fourth time, "pestering" customers and asking them to buy food for her. The woman was told she was no longer welcome in that store, and she replied, "so what, there are other stores in this town ..."

• A man reported his van was rear-ended by a black SUV at the intersection of U.S. Highways 10 and 71. He got out to look at the damage, but the woman in the SUV told him to pull over out of traffic and they could exchange insurance information. When the man did this, the woman drove away.

• Two men were installing a car stereo outside an apartment complex, and one was making barking noises. The man who was barking later said he was doing it to his friend, but a woman who was walking by believed it was aimed at her. She said she was in a bad mood and confronted them about it. The two men said she threatened to beat both of them up and run over them with her car. The officer asked the two men if they were scared that she would be able to beat both of them up, and they said they weren't. The woman denied making those threats, but said she confronted the two. A couple of hours later, the same officer was called back to the same apartment building on a report of a burglary. The two men from earlier in the night had reported the burglary, saying that four people had tried to kick in their door and cut power to their apartment, because they heard a loud boom and the power went out. The officer explained that because a large transformer box was hit by a motorist about a block away, there was a large boom and the power went out to the whole town. The two men said they didn't feel safe and asked the officer to stay at their apartment while they packed their belongings. The officer explained he had to go help with the fire call. He encouraged them to call 911 if they were approached or hassled by anyone.

• A woman reported her ex-boyfriend hit her in the nose when she tried to leave. She said she thought the nose was broken, but refused medical attention.

June 4

• Someone reported seeing some kids running down the street with a flashlight saying "oh, crap, I think we just made all the power go out."

• Police responded to a three-vehicle accident at the intersection of U.S. Highway 10 and First Street Northeast in Wadena. Two vehicles were stopped at the intersection, and the driver of the third vehicle said he looked down quickly to pick up his drink and rear ended one of the vehicles, pushing it into the lead vehicle. No one was injured.

• Police investigated an incident where a vehicle tried to pass an ambulance while a semi was approaching from the other direction. The driver of the ambulance said he and another vehicle had to pull over to avoid the semi hitting the passing vehicle.

• A deputy was making routine checks of Wadena County campgrounds and had this entry in his computer log: "Check Casey's Landing, saw a painted turtle laying eggs (COOL)."

June 5

• A caller said there was a young man in a GMC that ran into the back of her vehicle. She said he looked intoxicated. The young man was arrested for DWI.

• Authorities searched for, but did not find, someone on a "crotch rocket" motorcycle clocked at more than 100 miles per hour.

• An elderly woman had fallen and was bleeding through both of her eye sockets. Sheriff's deputies assisted.

• A fisherman reported finding a laptop computer while fishing on the Olilla Bridge.

June 6

• Just before 1 a.m., officers responded to a disturbance where a man was following and yelling at another man. The first officer on the scene starting talking to the man who was being followed, and instructed the second man to go talk to a different officer who was just arriving. The man kept walking toward the officer, who told him again to turn around and talk to the second officer. The man kept coming and pushed the officer with both hands. Both officers drew their Tasers and ordered the man to the ground. He later complied. The two men were arguing over a family dispute. The suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

• While on closed circuit TV, a man and woman were observed taking items out of cupboards in a patient waiting room at a hospital. The man grabbed several items and the woman stuffed them in her purse. When confronted, the woman gave permission to search her purse, and several small toiletry items were found. They were returned and no charges were pressed. The man was asked to leave the hospital while the woman was treated by hospital staff.

• The Wadena Police Department assisted the Minnesota State Patrol with a report of a driver who was losing debris off the back of his truck. The patrol gave a description of the truck, which the Wadena officer found and stopped. The man said he was unaware he was losing items, and gave his driver's license, which turned out to be suspended. The trooper arrived and the Wadena officer turned the case over to him.

• A woman reported an unknown male was in her garage. The man was found a short distance away. The woman said whoever he was, he had slept in her van in her garage, and had left behind an mp3 player, a can of Mountain Dew and an AC/DC baseball cap. The suspect was asked if the mp3 player belonged to him, but he said it didn't. He was asked if he owned an AC/DC cap, and he said he owned three, but he wasn't sure if he had been wearing one on that day. Later he admitted to having been in the garage, and told police if he was going to be arrested, he would need to be transported to jail by ambulance, not by squad car, because he "would panic if he was placed in the back seat of the squad." He started breathing heavily and said he was having an attack. The officer coached him on breathing exercises and got him to calm down.

• A man reported finding a rat hanging in his wife's chair, and thinks someone put it there on purpose. The deputy investigated, and reported the rat had likely jumped off another piece of furniture and got its head through a slate in the back of the chair and hung itself. The deputy said there were claw marks on the back of the chair where the rat tried to pull itself up but was unable to. The death was ruled accidental.

June 7

• A woman called to report someone hit her Dodge Stratus, which was parked at the license bureau in Wadena, and then left the scene of the accident. The rear left door of the car was damaged.

• A man who allegedly had his laptop stolen on May 29 reported he had been receiving cell phone calls from an unknown person. The caller ID just came up as "private number" and the caller didn't say anything -- just sat there on the phone. The victim said he thought it might be connected to the theft.

• A man was found leaning up against a tree on Colfax Avenue in Wadena with his bicycle lying in the middle of the sidewalk. An officer asked the man what he was doing, and he said he was taking a break. The man had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. The officer noticed a large pool of liquid on the sidewalk, and asked the man if he had urinated on the sidewalk. The man said he had, and it was "no big deal." He was given a breath test, which registered more than 0.20, and was taken to detox.

• A money box safe was reported stolen. The safe contained roughly $1,000.

June 8

• A man reported the theft of two handguns around Jan. 7. The guns were a .45 auto highpoint and a 9mm highpoint automatic.

The Wadena Police Department also cited 29 drivers for not wearing a seatbelt, while the Wadena County Sheriff's Office reported 40 seatbelt citations in the last week.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.