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County garbage fee changes approved

Wadena County commissioners approved a series of changes to the garbage fee schedule at the solid waste department effective July 1.

Most of the fee changes are related to the increased tipping fee at the Perham Resource and Recovery Facility, Solid Waste Director Mike Hanan told the board. The board has already changed the cost for waste haulers in the county. The solid waste committee discussed changing fees for other users as well.

"We looked at the fees for the residential use at the transfer station and decided that they should come in line with the same fees that the haulers pay when disposing of their waste," Hanan said.

Disposal of a 15-gallon bag will now cost residents $1.50 and out-of-county users $3. Disposal of a 30-gallon bag is $2.50 for residents and $5 for non-residents.

A compost loading fee and other fees were also added.

Commissioners also approved a set of fees presented by County Recorder Soledad Henriksen. The fees for copying and searching various documents have been in place for a number of years, but Henriksen could not find the minutes recording the approval of the fees, she said. She brought the fees to make sure they were approved by the board.

The board reaffirmed the fees.