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May 24

• A man reported some vandalism to a job site, and the theft of a chainsaw from that site.

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance in Wadena. A woman said she and her boyfriend were parting ways, but she had recently been to the doctor and found out she was pregnant. When she told him, she said, he "didn't take the news well," the police report said.

May 25

• A CD pouch was found by a citizen and turned over to police. The pouch had CDs from "Sesame Street," "Baby Einstein" and "Barney" in it.

• A Wadena city vehicle hit a utility pole outside the police department. Qwest was called in to repair the damage and reestablish the connection for the police.

May 26

• A teacher who was with three groups of students on a field trip to Sunnybrook Park saw a white vehicle with two juvenile males and one juvenile female in it. The female was allegedly performing oral sex acts with the two boys. Two adults from the group went over and talked to the three juveniles and told them how inappropriate their conduct was in the park with so many kids there. It was at 1:20 p.m., and near a children's playground. The adults also reported there were two other vehicles parked next to the white car, with two juvenile males in each vehicle.

• A nursing home reported that two residents were passing each other in the hallway when one of the residents reached over and slapped the other. The home was making a mandatory report of the incident.

• A man reported the theft of a Winchester .308 rifle. The man said his nephew also had a firearm missing -- a .357 caliber handgun. The man said in fact, several firearms were unaccounted for, but he had a "hunch" who might have taken them.

• Authorities responded to a report of a person going after someone else with a baseball bat.

May 27

• The White Earth Police Department in Mahnomen contacted Wadena police and asked for help with a possible hit-and-run property damage car accident. They had a vehicle description, the license number, and name and address of the people suspected. Wadena police visited the home, and the couple said they had been at the casino but were unaware they had hit anything. They were cooperative with police on the matter.

• A woman reported a brass vase and silk flowers had been removed from a cemetery plot in Wadena. She said there had been previous incidents of flowers or vases being tampered with or relocated.

• A woman called police asking if she could get assistance to buy groceries to get her through the week. The woman was told she should call social services in the morning for assistance, but she said she needed assistance now, and that wasn't good enough. She said she wanted bread, meat and other items. Police told her there was nothing they could do at 3:43 a.m., when the call came in, and repeated that she should contact social services when it opened in the morning. She said she wanted services now, not later.

• A caller wanted to report an assault that had taken place at the Sebeka school the day earlier.

May 28

• A neighbor called police after a woman who was being choked by a man screamed for help. The woman had stopped by her residence to get the keys for a vehicle when the man told her he didn't want her to leave. The man wrestled her to the ground, and the neighbor approached and observed the man choking the woman with his hands. The man got up and went back into the house. Police later arrested him for domestic assault -- strangulation.

• A man came home to find his home had been broken into through a basement window. He didn't immediately notice anything missing.

• Authorities were summoned to a courtroom when, during a CHIPS petition, things were "getting kinda heated."

May 29

• A woman reported a man with a red flannel shirt with torn off sleeves and blue denim jeans shorts to the knee had a white pail and "the longest extension cord she has ever seen" plugged into somewhere and dragged down to the river. She said he was trying to dig something out of the marsh, but kept looking over his shoulder "like he was doing something wrong." Authorities investigated and found the man had an extension cord going to a pump and he was pumping water from the river.

• Sheriff's deputies responded to the Shell City bridge, which was blocked by three vehicles and not passable. At the scene, some underage drinkers were found and given citations for minor consumption.

May 30

• Minors were found drinking at a party. Two were given citations and six people fled. The renter of the house was also told the county attorney would be informed because he had been warned a couple of weeks back about letting minors drink there.

May 31

• A woman called police to tell them her neighbor has been verbally abusive to her and her kids. Police spoke to the man, who said he had approached the woman and talked to her about her kids throwing rocks at his dog and hitting his dog with a stick, and the woman was the one who got "mouthy" at him.

• Police assisted the Todd County Sheriff's Office with an attempt to locate a man who was suspected in the theft of cattle gates, fencing and wire. The man was found and taken to Todd County for questioning.

June 1

• A woman called to report she had a badger on her front entryway and it would not leave. The door was open and the badger was scratching the floor. A DNR officer was called to handle the situation.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.