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14-year-old peacemaker gets nose broken at Wadena skating rink

A 14-year-old boy who tried to break up a fight got his own nose broken, according to Wadena County District Court documents.

The juvenile stepped between two men who were preparing to fight and attempted to get the two to separate, court records said. Shortly thereafter, Charles Edwin Swaisgood Jr., 19, of Wadena, hit the 14-year-old in the nose, breaking it and sending him to the emergency room at the hospital, court records said.

When interviewed by a sheriff's deputy, Swaisgood said he didn't like that the 14-year-old interrupted him while he was talking to the other man, and thought the 14-year-old might hit him first, so he swung. Swaisgood told the deputy he could not remember how he hit the boy because he "blacks out" when he gets mad, and has anger management issues.

Swaisgood was charged May 10 with third-degree assault -- substantial bodily harm.

An omnibus hearing was scheduled for June 22.

Swaisgood was also charged May 17 in Wadena County District Court in a first-degree criminal sexual conduct case (see accompanying story).