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A liter of vodka, a threat

A man from Blaine, Minn., faces three crimes after allegedly drinking a liter of vodka and making threats against a Wadena woman.

Dharmindra Persaud Basdeo, 42, was charged May 21 with terroristic threats, domestic assault and interference with a 911 call.

According to court records, Basdeo and a woman got into an argument about him drinking a liter of vodka, and the woman would not let him into her house. Basdeo allegedly threatened to beat her up, snap her neck and cut her up with a knife, court records said. While she was dialing 911, Basdeo allegedly took the phone away from her and threw it across the room. Officers found an empty bottle of vodka in the garage and gave Basdeo a breathalyzer test, which indicated a blood alcohol content of 0.328, court documents said.

Basdeo has two prior domestic violence related convictions in October 2005 and February 2006.

His first court appearance was set for June 14.