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'Ojibwe in Minnesota' author to visit Wadena City Library May 19

Author Anton Treuer will visit the Wadena City Library at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, May 19. Treuer is the author of "Ojibwe in Minnesota," published by Minnesota Historical Society Press in March 2010. This narrative traces the history of the Ojibwe people in Minnesota, explores cultural practices, challenges presented by more recent settlers, and modern day discussions of sovereignty and identity. With insight and candor, noted Ojibwe scholar Anton Treuer traces thousands of years of the complicated history of the Ojibwe people -- their economy, culture and clan system and how these have changed throughout time. "Ojibwe in Minnesota" covers the fur trade, the Iroquois Wars, and Ojibwe-Dakota relations; the treaty process and creation of reservations; and the systematic push for assimilation as seen in missionary activity, government policy and boarding schools.