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Police Scanner

April 16

• A dog was found in Black's Grove Park. The owner of the dog was contacted and he verified it was his dog, but he was not willing to get it out that day. The man made the comment that maybe he would attempt to break in and retrieve the dog without paying the impound fee.

April 20

• A green tote with a red cover fell off a moving vehicle and scattered Christmas decorations all over the road near Homecrest.

April 21

• A man reported a hit-and-run property damage accident to his vehicle, which happened in the old SuperOne parking lot downtown Wadena.

• Police assisted with a fight involving a large group of people in the street in Wadena. There was "word out" that "one had a gun and he was going to use it."

April 23

• Wadena police were dispatched when a caller reported two people around the elementary school who were hiding from a deputy. One of the men was spotted and an officer believed he had ducked inside a residence, but the homeowners there denied anyone was there.

April 24

• Authorities were called to a domestic disturbance in Wadena. A woman there said she had come home late after being out with a friend, and a man she knew wanted to talk to her early in the morning, but she didn't want to talk. So the man flipped the mattress off the bed with her on it, causing her to hit her head on a night stand. A neighbor described hearing "door slamming, a female crying and lots of yelling and cussing," according to the police report. The woman also reported the man had tried to choke her. A witness described another incident when the man had yelled at the woman and then "began pulling down his pants in front of everyone." The man was later interviewed and denied choking the woman, and said she is difficult to live with. He said they've been working on their relationship.

• A man called dispatch to report he was very intoxicated and lost in the woods and didn't know where he was. He said he thought he had been in Nimrod last. Authorities followed up with another man at a campsite, who was also very intoxicated. That man said they were part of a fraternity at a North Dakota college that was on a canoe trip. The lost man later wandered back to camp.

• A man reported his neighbor had hand-delivered a threatening letter to him. The letter didn't directly threaten the man, but did detail the history of the note-giver and underscored "what he says he is capable of," the call log said.

April 25

• Authorities responded to a report of a domestic disturbance that had turned violent. The source of the argument was a piece of furniture. The man and woman were allegedly both violent with each other and did so in front of the children over a dispute about a chair.

• The man who had passed his neighbor a note dropped off an envelope for the sheriff and said he planned to "conduct surveillance on his neighbor."

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.