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Food support finally drops

For the first time since Wadena County Human Services began compiling its recession report in early 2009, the number of households using food support finally fell in March.

"We saw that as an encouraging sign," said Human Services Director Paul Sailer.

There were 721 households receiving food support in February and 709 in March, according to a report. There were 599 households receiving food support in March 2009 and 476 in March 2008.

The number of households using the program is still high, Sailer said, but at least it stopped going up. They will wait for next month to see if it is a pattern, he said.

The total number of unduplicated cases remained identical from February to March at 1,807.

Unemployment did go up slightly in Wadena County from 12 percent in February to 12.1 percent in March. Unemployment was at 13.6 percent in March 2009.