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Wadena native shares love of postcards

On Tuesday, April 13, Harold "Heidi" Zosel of St. Cloud, deltiologist and author, presented a slide show of interesting post cards and their stories to the United Methodist Women in the Methodist Church.

Zosel, when he isn't selling Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance, has been entranced by collecting cards from the first one he happened to see in 1959, at an auction in Wadena the year he graduated from Wadena High School. Zosel said he enjoys the mystery they hold, the surprises, like the one he bought on eBay a year ago.

The card he found was mailed in 1906 from an eastern state, of a gentleman in a buggy drawn by a pair of frisky black carriage horses.

Some 130 years later, closer inspection proved the man in the buggy to be his grandfather, L.H. Bottemmiller, addressed to Hattie Leyh, a friend in Bertha.

Zosel's book, published by Arcadia, one in a series featuring post cards of St. Cloud, is slated to be on the shelves by June 21.