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April 13

• A local organization reported the burglary of a shed and items missing.

• A woman called authorities because her ex-husband had come to her home and was not able to get in, so he "hoisted" the kids through a window and told them to unlock a door.

• A woman reported she was closing on a foreclosed home and the realtor told them they could start moving stuff in. When they arrived at the home, three men were there mowing the lawn. They said they were hired by the bank to mow. They saw the boys leaving with two bags, and realized their belongings had been ransacked and items were missing.

April 14

• A man reported some vandalism to an abandoned property. Someone wrote in graffiti "Hey [expletive] you" on the building.

• At 10:11 p.m., a man reported he saw a "big ball of fire" shoot across the sky, and said it looked like it went down in the Verndale area. A second caller, a woman, also reported seeing a "ball of fire" and saw it go down at the same time.

April 15

• At 2:12 a.m., a Wadena County sheriff's deputy assisted in the pursuit of a suspect going more than 90 mph.

• A man reported some people had been by the day before asking to buy a three-wheeler. The next day, the man noticed the three-wheeler had been moved from where it was parked and a toolbox had been moved, in an apparent robbery attempt.

• Two children were reported missing. The children were later found by their mother in a field behind the house.

April 16

• A woman called to report the theft of a four-wheeler from a shed on Colfax Avenue Southeast. The ATV is a 1994 Suzuki LT80 youth-sized, white with a yellow seat.

• A caller reported a former employee of the business had been repeatedly walking by the business in the evening, swearing at the employees there. The ex-employee had been terminated in November 2009. The police said the business could apply for a harassment restraining order.

• A man went to the sheriff's office to report a sex crime between a 35-year-old man and two of his nieces, who were 14 at the time of the incident, which was two years ago.

• A woman came forward with new information pertaining to an old criminal sexual conduct case.

• A woman reported someone had thrown a cinder block through her windshield.

April 17

• A caller reported some people were driving their vehicle and holding a young child out of the window as the car was moving. An officer tracked down the people, and they said the child had urinated and they were just holding her up while they changed her. The officer warned them to leave the child in the seat under all circumstances, and if she needed to be changed, that could wait until the car was stopped.

• A man reported a 19-year-old man had made sexual advances toward his 13-year-old daughter.

April 19

• A caller reported every time he drove his vehicle by a park, a man would go and hide by the warming house or ice skate area. The police checked it out, and the man was awaiting court trial and was resting before it started.

• A caller reported a burglary of a shed and possible theft. Eight windows on an overhead door had been broken out. The officer noticed an empty Budweiser beer can lying near the door. Some lawn chairs had been smashed and an air tank was thrown on the ground. A computer monitor was also smashed on a cement apron.

• A caller reported someone had possibly tried to enter the basement of her home. She showed police where a screen window had been cut out and was lying on the ground. A second window had also been tampered with. No one gained entry to the house, the homeowner believed.

• A child's red wagon and possibly a Tonka truck were stolen out of a yard.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.