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April 1

• A girl in a wheelchair was walking her dog when an American bulldog attacked her English springer. The springer turned out to be OK, but the bulldog was put in quarantine because his rabies shots were out of date.

April 6

• A man reported some railing bars and possibly some tools were taken from his truck sometime during the previous day.

April 7

• A man reported he suspected a former tenant was breaking into a rental property she was evicted from. The man said he thought she was breaking in at night to shower.

April 8

• A principal noticed a car in the school parking lot with empty beer cans in it. The police brought out a K9 dog to inspect the area, and they ran the plates on the vehicle to find the owner.

April 9

• A woman reported her Saturn vehicle was damaged near the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Jefferson Street. An apparently white vehicle hit the Saturn and drove away, according to a police report.

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Wadena trailer court. An officer heard a woman yell at a man that he had knocked out her tooth. The police told the man to come and talk to them, but he ran away, and was later found hiding under a van. Police went back to talk to the woman, and she and the man had been "rough housing" but he was never physically violent with her. The officer said he had heard her say the man had knocked out her tooth. She said yes, he had, but it's a false tooth that comes out easily, and showed the officer.

• A caller reported a young man lying in the ditch. The sheriff's office checked on him, and the young man said he was just looking for birds and was OK.

April 10

• A landlord called police with questions about some tenants who were holding beer parties in the basement of a rental property without permission. The tenants were told they needed to clean up the area or lose their damage deposits.

• A caller phoned police, concerned about a protestor who was on Jefferson Street. The caller said she was OK with the man expressing himself, but he didn't have the right to block entrance to businesses. He also had a large wooden cross and was dragging it very close to the large windows on some businesses. Police watched the man protest for a while, go in a restaurant to eat, then finally walk to Burlington Northern Park to rest.

April 11

• Shortly after midnight, some fireworks were reported south of Wadena. An officer drove toward the fireworks in an attempt to locate the source, but the fireworks stopped before he got there.

• Around 1:30 p.m., a shed fire was reported in the parking lot of Wadena Square Apartments. The cause was something that was thrown into the Dumpster housed inside the shed. The shed was reportedly a total loss.

• A caller reported a maroon car on Second Street in Wadena with its driver's side and driver's side back windows broken out.

• Police responded to three 911 calls about a woman at Sunnybrook Park North in black sweats who was walking with a limp and had a dog that was growling and acting crazy. The callers said the woman was bringing her out-of-control dog right up to kids and parents and telling them they should leave, not her. An officer found the woman, and the dog was in the back seat, barking aggressively, according to the police report. She was told because of the incident, she would not be allowed to bring her dog back to the park. She said she wasn't happy, but the officer told her she could leave. Instead of getting back on the roadway, the woman drove on the grass to get around the squad car and then started honking her horn in the vicinity of some picnickers. The officer pulled her over again. The officer told her that she was now no longer allowed in the park, and she said that was good because she wouldn't see the officer again.

• A grass fire was sparked when a man was working on cutting an engine out of a vehicle. The fire eventually spread and 10 cars were involved in the fire.

April 12

• An officer spotted a vehicle that fit the description of a runaway girl and followed it. The vehicle pulled into a residential driveway. A young man with a "thin white fleece jacket, hat on backwards and his shorts almost falling off him" took off running from the vehicle. A woman who got out of the car was questioned by police, but was not cooperative. The young man with the "pants issues, white jacket, goofy hat" disappeared into the weeds. The owner of the property said she didn't want the vehicle there, and a tow truck removed it.

• A man reported his vehicle had been broken into, and a clip for a .40 caliber Glock handgun was missing, as was some paperwork from his vehicle.

April 13

• A man reported that two men with all black clothing, ski masks and sunglasses kicked in his back door of his garage, then a house door and took his money, prescription pills and tools.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.