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Baby animals start showing up at Fair Oaks

Kylee Hopp shares Buster the lamb with Fair Oaks Lodge residents.

Fair Oaks Lodge folks are sure that spring is just around the corner when staff members as well as friends start bringing in new baby animals. This week it was nurse Brittany Hopp, who came with her sister, Kylee, who carried adorable Buster, a lamb that's just 2 weeks old. Buster seemed to like to be petted. Being a bottle baby, he was used to dealing with people.

Having Buster there reminded us of other years, like when then-employee Dave Uselman always shared a box of chicks a few days old. Many cute kittens and puppies made the rounds as did a pony, brought in by the Goeden family. He fit in our elevator. With a plastic bottle sun hat which we were making in the crafts class, he made the rounds, sticking his head in every door on all three floors.

Two of the dogs who visited were retired greyhounds who had spent their best years on a race track. They were among the few who were adopted out into homes, whose families brought them here for us to enjoy.

This is the time of year new contests pop up, at least it was the time we entered the National Decorated Wheelchair Contest. Local homemakers clubs each chose a particular occupant and wheelchair to decorate. How proud we were when Julia Phillips and her chair came in among the runners-up.

Maybelle Dinsmore is one of our ladies who spent a bit of time with Buster. Both of them loved it. Maybelle was born in 1921 on a farm near Moorhead, to Otto and Lenore Mortenson. Otto farmed, along with other things, like selling real estate.

Maybelle graduated from Moorhead State College to become a teacher. Maybelle married Harold Dinsmore and they moved to their farm near Ulen.

Along with teaching high school English, Maybelle taught music classes, like the school choir, anything to do with voice in Ulen, the school she liked the best and taught the longest. Music filled a large part of Maybelle's life.

Being the director in her church choir and involved with church and community projects as well as being a farmer's wife and mother of their two children took care of any extra time Maybelle might have had. She loved all of it.

Harold liked to hunt and fish. He took good care of the farm he lived on his entire life.

The Dinsmores enjoyed visiting family in California, in Chicago, or wherever they lived. They would have liked to take a trip to Norway, but it just wasn't in the works. Harold died in 1999.

Maybelle enjoys her room with a big window. She has favorite television programs. Add family who come to visit as well as friends here, and her life is full.