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Spring book sale coming up in April at Messiah

Remember the Friends of the Library spring book sale dates, April 19-23 at Messiah Lutheran Church on Jefferson Street. Donations for the book sale will be accepted the 19th and 20th as well as the morning of the 21st. The actual sale will begin the afternoon of April 21 through April 23.



• "The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bug" - Alan Bradley. Flavia, the precocious, imaginative, and adorable 11-year-old sleuth, returns for her second adventure. It's a mystery in itself how a mature male author can pen the adventures of such a young female child and keep readers believing in the fantasy. Flavia's world is 1950s England -- specifically, a very old country house that just happens to have a long-abandoned chemistry laboratory. And Flavia just happens to be fascinated by chemistry -- particularly poisons. This helps her solve mysteries because, as Flavia says, "There's something about pottering with poisons that clarifies the mind." This time she becomes involved with the members of a traveling puppet show that features the tale of "Jack and the Beanstalk." When the puppetmaster is mysteriously electrocuted during the show, Flavia knows it can't be an accident and eventually finds the murderer. The rest of Flavia's family are also eccentric, to say the least, and add greatly to the overall fun. Thank goodness Bradley is not allowing Flavia to grow up too quickly; we need more sleuths whose primary mode of transportation is a bicycle.

• "The Silent Sea" - Clive Cussler. The seventh "Oregon Files" adventure thriller begins on Dec. 7, 1941, when five boys encounter tragedy while looking for buried pirate treasure on a small island off the coast of Washington State. Flash-forward to today: Juan Cabrillo, captain of the Oregon (a high-tech vessel posing as a tramp freighter), is in Argentina, trying to recover a downed NASA satellite. Well, don't you know, Juan stumbles on something he totally didn't expect to find, and soon he's chasing after the secrets of an ancient curse that might still be causing trouble. Fast-paced and a lot of fun, the latest Cabrillo novel delivers the wallop Cussler's fans have come to expect. Cabrillo himself -- he shares his name with a 16th century Portuguese explorer, by the way -- makes a fine protagonist, sharp-witted and two-fisted.

• "The Girl with Glass Feet" - Ali Shaw. The cold northern islands of St. Hauda's Land are home to strange creatures and intertwining human secrets in Shaw's earnest, magic-tinged debut. Ida Maclaird returns to the archipelago to find a cure for the condition her last visit brought her -- she is slowly turning into glass. The landscape is at once beautiful and ominous, and its residents mistrustful, but she grows close to Midas Crook, a young man who, despite his intention to spend his life alone, falls in love with Ida and becomes desperate to save her. Their quest leads them to Henry Fuwa, a hermit biologist devoted to preserving the moth-winged bull, a species of insect-sized winged bovines; to Carl Mausen, a friend of Ida's family whose devotion to her mother makes him both ally and enemy; and finally to Emiliana Stallows, who claims to have once cured a girl with Ida's affliction. Each of these characters' histories intertwine, though their motivations surrounding Ida are muddled by their loyalties. Both love story and dirge, Shaw's novel flows gracefully and is wonderfully dreamlike, with the danger of the islands matched by the characters' dark pasts.

Adult Non-Fiction

"Allergy Free Deserts" - Elizabeth Gordon

"Back to Basics Traditional Kitchen Wisdom" - Andrea Chesma

"Hard Work and a Good Deal" - Barbara Sommer

"In Their Honor, the Men Behind the Names of our Military Installations" - Linda D. Swink

"Learn to Do Hand Quilting in Just One Day" - Nancy Brenan Daniel

"Paper Cuts 35 Inventive Projects" - Taylor Hagerty

"Remodeling a Basement" - Roger German

"The Wolf at Twilight" - Kent Nerburn (Bio)

"World Atlas of Dog Breeds" - Dominqiede Vik

Large Print Fiction

"Fantasy in Death" - J. D. Robb

"Tate" - Linda Lael Miller

"The Maiden's Hand" - Susan Wiggs

"Three in Death" - J.D. Robb

Graphic Novel

"Foiled" - Jane Yolen


Junior Fiction

"Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out" - Meg Cabot

"The Carbon Diaries 2017" - Lloyd Saci

"Warriors: Sunrise" - Erin Hunter

American Girl Series

"A Kit Mystery" - Missing Grace

"A Julie Mystery" - The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter

"A Rebecca Mystery" - Secrets at Camp Nokomis

"Calamity Jane" - Shannon & Dean Hale

"Copper" - Kibuishi

Hardy Boys Series - "Killer Connections" - Franklin Dixon

Junior Non Fiction

"All Star!! The Most Famous Baseball Card Ever" - Jane Yolen

"Celebrating Now, Remembering Then - Passover" - Harriet Ziefert


"Dancing Dinos at the Beach" - Lucas

"Dragon's Pancake Party" - Cohlon

"Earth Girl Day" - Thom Wiley

"Littlest Pet Shop Cinderella" - Lee Quinlan


"A Quiet Place" - Douglas Wood

"Spongebob to the Rescue" - Alison Inches

"Flowers" - Matthew Porter (Board Book)

"My Mother is So Smart" - Tomie DePaola


"A Dog's Tale"

"Barney Miller 1st Season"


"Couples Retreat"

"Everybody's Fine"

"For the Love of Grace"

"Ice Castles"

"Law Abiding Citizen"

"New Moon"

"Olivia - Takes Ballet"

"Time Traveler's Wife"

"Twilight in Forks"

"Waltons" - Movie Collection

"Where the Wild Things Are"

Music CDs

"Best of Chicago"

"Favorite Songs from the 10th Muse" - Elisa Korene


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