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March 30

• A caller reported some people were trespassing and shooting guns on property that wasn't theirs. A deputy spoke to the people and they said they were shooting guns, but weren't shooting at anyone, and denied they were on someone else's property.

March 31

• A woman called Social Services to say she was going to kill herself, and the sheriff's office was alerted. The woman later said she wasn't going to harm herself, that she said that because she was mad with her financial situation.

• The sheriff's office assisted the Sebeka Police Department with a domestic disturbance. The man had allegedly been drinking all day and hit the woman on the side of her head. He was arrested for domestic assault.

• A caller reported an older gentleman was walking on the roadway, then went down to his knees and laid down. Authorities responded, and the man said he was having suicidal thoughts. He was brought to the hospital.

April 1

• Tires were reportedly slashed on a trailer at an excavation business's lot. An empty pack of cigarettes was found on the property, but no one at the business smokes.

• Two headstones were taken in the past three weeks at a Wadena County cemetery, a caretaker reported.

• Authorities talked to an apparently suicidal woman. The woman said she was planning to wrap her car around a tree, but hadn't because she had her dogs with her.

April 2

• A woman reported receiving harassing text messages from family members, blaming her for her mother's death.

April 3

• A woman reported her son's grave site had been disturbed. A solar cross valued at around $500 was broken off the headstone and was missing.

• A man reported receiving harassing communications from a woman who has an order for protection against him. The police told the man to document the problems. He contacted police and showed them a Facebook entry where a relative of the woman had bragged about killing people in a war, had made reference to "someone is standing in front of the light and it is on the railroad tracks" and said the world "will soon be without one of the bad guys."

• A caller reported a woman took a month's supply of two prescription drugs and was out of control. Police were attempting to locate her.

April 4

• Two kids were seen pulling a street barricade across the road at Garfield Avenue Southwest at Jefferson Street South. The two kids ran when police went looking for them, and were not found.

• A sheriff's deputy attempted to assist the Staples Police Department with a motorist who had accelerated when a squad car was behind the suspect vehicle. The suspect drove in excess of 100 miles per hour.

• A motorist reported that when an approaching vehicle passed him, the people inside that car threw eggs at his vehicle, causing dents and chipped paint to his 2010 vehicle.

• A man called dispatchers to report his neighbor's dog was "peeing on his pine trees again." The man said he warned his neighbors about the dog a couple of days ago, so this time he got out his gun and shot it.

April 5

• A Wadena police officer assisted with a domestic disturbance east of Wadena. A caller said a man involved in the disturbance was throwing things around and had a gun and three bullets at one point. The couple was separated and the man surrendered a pocket knife to authorities.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.