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Mark Dayton to visit Wadena County

Democrat Mark Dayton will visit Wadena this Wednesday, April 7 to listen to and learn from Wadena County residents and share with them his vision for "A Better Minnesota" as he campaigns to become Minnesota's next governor.

The Wadena meet and greet will be held at 11 a.m. at The Uptown Restaurant. The event is free and open to the public.

The Wadena event comes as part of Mark Dayton's statewide tour of all of Minnesota's 87 counties in 87 days. The tour started on January 20 with a campaign kick-off announcement at the State Capitol in St. Paul.

By the time Dayton arrives in Wadena, he will have visited more than 80 counties and driven more than 8,000 miles in Minnesota as part of his 87 in 87 tour.

"This tour allows me the opportunity to listen to and learn from Minnesotans in every county," Dayton said. "Across the state people are facing hardships. Our state, once a leader in economic growth, has now fallen near the bottom. Our public schools are overcrowded and under-funded and our tax structure is unfair. We need a strong, new Governor to lead this state to back toward the path of greatness."