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Police Scanner

March 10

• A Wadena store reported it had video of a man taking two de-worming pills for large dogs from a package and leaving the store without paying for them. They were able to track the suspect down from his license plate.

March 19

• A Winnebago motor home rolled forward in a Wadena parking lot, coming to rest against two vehicles, causing minor damage and blocking the cars in. The driver of the motor home thought he had put it into gear, but apparently hadn't.

March 20

• A man was at another man's residence when a third man and a woman showed up. While the four were in the home, one of the men went downstairs and got on a Bow Flex machine to show "how much weight he could lift." But when the man and woman left, a laptop computer was missing from the basement. The two men called the man and woman and asked if they had taken it, and they denied it. The two men called police and told the dispatcher if the police could find the car, it would be "worth your time." Asked what they meant by that, the two men indicated the man in the car had been trying to sell drugs. The car was later located in St. Cloud, and police there were investigating.

March 22

• Police were informed that a man was barred from coming to the school again. The man had gone to the school and asked for a pass at the office, which he was denied because he had no reason to be there. He was instructed to leave, but instead started wandering the halls until he ran into a former teacher. The teacher asked him what he was doing there and he called her a curse word and told her it was none of her business. The building principal sent him a letter letting him know he was no longer allowed on school grounds.

• The sheriff's office picked up a suitcase of evidence regarding a burglary on Gebhardt Beach Circle.

March 23

• A man came to the Wadena Police Department to talk about driving citations issued to his brother, including loud exhaust. When the man left the PD, he got into the same car that his brother had been cited for, and accelerated abruptly causing his exhaust system to be very loud. An officer at the PD heard the loud noise through the exterior wall and a second wall of bullet-proof glass. The officer mailed the man another citation for loud exhaust and public nuisance -- loud noise.

March 24

• Police were informed of some "offensive graffiti" on a building across from the elementary school. The report did not say what the graffiti was.

March 25

• A deputy met with an FBI agent to assist on an arrest in Menahga.

• A man called in because there was a deer at his residence that was acting very strangely. It couldn't walk well, was foaming at the mouth, and could not see. The deer had no outward indications of injury. The deputy reported the deer was shaking and displaying Parkinson's-like symptoms. A conservation officer killed the deer and planned to bring it to the DNR office in Park Rapids.

March 26

• A cell phone caller reported there was a vehicle all over the road. An officer stopped the suspect vehicle and spoke to the driver. The officer asked if the man had proof of insurance, and the man said, "no." The man was asked if the vehicle was insured and he said, "oh, no." The officer detected the odor of alcohol on the man and asked him how much he had to drink. He said, "I'll tell you this: I've had enough for you to give me a DUI right now." The driver said he has been driving drunk for 40 years and thought he'd "never get caught." He failed field sobriety tests and gave a breath sample that registered .16 blood alcohol content, twice the legal limit to drive. He was cited for fourth-degree DWI and no insurance.

• A caller reported she had a drunk man in her house who is threatening to kill her, and she wanted him removed. The man was taken out of the house and given a breath test, which registered .328. He was arrested.

March 28

• A bike was found in the middle of the street at Third Street Southwest and Garfield Avenue Southwest. It was taken to the Wadena Police Department.

• A man reported seeing two males near the elementary school in Wadena who were throwing beer bottles and broke the window of a station wagon.

March 29

• A Wadena business reported someone took a company pick-up on a joy ride around the property before getting stuck and leaving the pickup in a ditch with the light on. Police observed shoe prints at the scene apparently from the suspect.

• A man reported the theft of 20-25 Vicodin pills from his trailer. The door to the residence had been kicked in.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.