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County approves Wahoo Valley liquor license, despite violation

The Wadena County Board approved a liquor license for Wahoo Valley at its March 18 meeting, despite the county attorney and sheriff being unable to officially sign off on the license.

"Wahoo Valley came to my office for renewal of the liquor license," County Attorney Kyra Ladd explained to the board. "There's a part on that liquor license that has myself and the sheriff sign off on. "

Ladd said that signature follows language that says the two attest there have been no alcohol-related violations at the establishment in the last five years.

However, Wahoo Valley did have two incidents during alcohol compliance checks in the past. But Ladd said the owners, John and Sharon Long, have complied with the law since and they're taking the issue seriously.

"We've talked to Mr. Long," said Bill Cross, Wadena County chief deputy. "We're both in agreement that they should have their liquor license."

Ladd said the board could grant the liquor license without her and the sheriff's signatures.

"We believe they've done what we've asked them to," she said.

The board voted in favor of granting the license.