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March 16

• A man called police to say he had a tooth pulled that day and was bleeding a lot, but was running out of gauze, and had no ride to town to get some. An officer got the gauze and brought it to the man.

• Law enforcement officials helped a man who had fallen and hit his head on a curb. He was conscious and alert after the fall.

• A 59-year-old man was bitten by a dog. The bite drew blood and caused a small scrape. The owner of the dog signed 10-day quarantine papers.

March 17

• A Wadena accounting office reported it had been burglarized and entered overnight. One locked cabinet had been forced open. The cabinet contained toiletries. Five rolls of toilet paper were removed from the cabinet and were found on the floor nearby. Nothing else was disturbed or missing.

• Graffiti was reported on an electrical post in Wadena. It said, "2Kings2."

• A school counselor in Wadena County contacted authorities regarding issues with juveniles "sexting" with their cell phones.

• A large fire was reported in Section 21 of Thomastown Township. A brush pile fire had burned out of control when the wind picked up.

March 18

• A female caller told police that she and her other half weren't getting along and she requested some drive-bys at the motel where he was staying. Police visited the room and talked to a man there, who was polite and cooperative, but said he had no idea who the woman was who called, because he didn't know anyone by that name. He told police he hadn't argued with his girlfriend or made threats against anyone.

• Around 5:30 p.m., police were summoned to a Wadena store where a man was held for shoplifting. He took a fountain beverage drink and drank it, then left the store without paying. He admitted taking the drink but said he couldn't pay for it because the store wouldn't cash his paycheck due to his driver's license being expired. He was cited for shoplifting. Police also learned he had an active warrant for his arrest, so he was taken to Wadena County Jail. The value of the drink was $1.07.

• About 11 p.m., police were called to an apartment building on a complaint of loud music and the smell of marijuana. When the officer arrived, he could faintly hear music playing, but couldn't smell anything because of a head cold. He spoke to the residents in that apartment, who showed him a tray of sage they were burning since he's a Native American. The burning of sage is meant to cleanse the apartment, the officer reported.

• The sheriff's office assisted with a 911 call requesting assistance because the woman said her significant other had hit her in the face and then broke the shift lever off their van. While the woman was on the phone with the dispatch center, she said she no longer needed assistance and hung up. A check was run on the names of the people involved, and it traced to an address. But there was no home there anymore -- it appeared to have burned down, and authorities reported all that remained was a pile of dirt, charred wood and a block foundation.

March 19

• Police were called to the scene of an assault. A witness identified the victim, a friend of his, and the man who was on top of him, punching him in the face. The victim was interviewed and confirmed who the attacker was, and said he owed the man a couple hundred dollars. The victim refused to press charges, saying everything was taken care of now. The next day, the victim called police to say that "after sitting here thinking, it wasn't [suspect's name] who punched me but a guy I met at the pig races in Leader ..." The victim said he didn't want police "going after the wrong guy." The officer asked the victim if he wanted to charge the mysterious man from Leader, and he replied, "No, I just don't want you looking for" the original suspect.

• A caller phoned police after hearing arguing, what sounded like a slap, and crying in an apparent domestic dispute between a man and a woman. Police questioned the man and woman, and noticed a bite mark on the woman with bruising around it. Police asked the woman if the man did it, and she denied it. She said she had bitten herself because she was upset and didn't know how to deal with the anger.

• A caller reported that for about a week now, someone has been breaking into his pig barn and another building. The man reported nothing is ever taken, but the doors are left open. They only come at night, and when the man wakes up he hears a vehicle but has been unable to see the vehicle or get a license plate number.

• A caller reported she came home and found a strange vehicle in her garage. Two males and one female were arrested from the house and cited for trespassing.

March 20

• Police were called to a tenant-landlord dispute. The tenant had moved into a new place and his old landlords had dropped off "a load of garbage" at the new place, he said. The man also said the landlords said they planned to come back with another load. The old landlords were contacted and told police they were dropping off things the man had left at his old apartment. They said they did have one more load of his belongings to bring to him to clean out the apartment. The officer advised the man it was a civil matter and it would have to be settled in court.

March 21

• Some people were acting strangely inside a Wadena convenience store, saying they "just can't get caught by the cops tonight." They were pushing a van which appeared to be broken down. A clerk saw them wrap something in a purple towel, then get into another vehicle and leave. The people were stopped and checked out. The item under the blanket was a puppy.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.