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Wadena, Minnesota

Project Identification: Sealed proposals

shall be received for St. Ann's School Demo-

lition Project located in Wadena, MN in ac-

cordance with the Construction Documents

prepared by BHH Partners Planners/Archi-

tects, 650 3rd Avenue Southeast, Perham,

MN 56573.

Project Description: Building Demolition

of the 1903 School Building.

Basis of Bids: Bids shall be prepared as

lump sum bids and sealed within an enve-


Sales Tax Exemption Notice: St. Ann's

School being a tax exempt entity will be ac-

cepting separate bids for materials and labor

as required under state law to purchase ma-

terials and equipment tax exempt. All rea-

sonable efforts shall be given by each bidder

to ensure full compliance with current state

statues governing this matter. A bid form will

be provided and is to be used for identifying

materials and labor.

Consideration for each contract (material

or labor) shall be independent of the other

with no guarantees, expressed or implied,

made herein to award the bid for each separ-

ate contract to one single bidder.

Current statutes require compliance from

not only the prime contractor, but all sub-

contractors, suppliers and vendors connect-

ed with this Project.

The successful material/equipment bidder

shall be pointed as the Owner's Purchasing

Agent and all subcontractors, suppliers and

vendors connected with this Project through

the successful bidder shall be duly notified

as required by state statute.

A copy of the Owner's Form ST-17 (Certifi-

cate of Exempt Status-Exempt Organization)

will be provided to the successful vendor

along with their Purchase Agreement.

Bid Date/Time: Bids for the project will be

received until 2:00 p.m. local time on Tues-

day, April 27, 2010 and will be publicly

opened at that time and read aloud.

Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk-Through: A

pre-bid walk-through will be held at the site

on Tuesday, April 13. 2010 at 2:00 pm. All

interested bidders shall attend or make spe-

cial arrangements with the Owner at the

Owner's convenience. The Owner is not obli-

gated to meet at other times/dates than list-

ed above.

Examination of the Site: All interested

bidders shall visit the project site for the

mandatory pre-bid walk through to obtain

firsthand knowledge of existing conditions,

including existing utilities and services, ob-

stacles that may be encountered and all oth-

er conditions relative to the Work to be per-

formed that may or may not be shown within

the Contract Documents.

Additional Compensation: Awarded

Contractors shall not receive extra payments

for conditions that can be determined by ex-

amining the site and the Contract Docu-

ments in their entirety.

Bid Opening: Sealed bids shall be re-

ceived and opened at St. Ann's Parish Cen-

ter 519 2nd Street Southeast, Wadena, MN.

All bidders who are not attending may mail

their bid to:

Attn: Barb

St. Ann's School

519 2nd Street Southeast

Wadena, MN 56482

Contractor shall be responsible for bids

mailed or delivered to ensure receiver of bids

has bid in possession by the bid opening.

Pre-construction Meeting: A pro-con-

struction meeting is not scheduled at this

current time.

Commencement of Work: Contractor in

receipt of awarded bid and finalization of

contracts shall begin work on Monday, June

14, 2010 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Examination of Documents: Drawings,

Specifications and other Contract Docu-

ments may be examined at the offices of the

Architect or by contacting the Owner's Rep-

resentative Gene White Construction at


Procurement of Documents: Prime Bid-

ders may secure one (1) set of the Contract

Documents at the office of the Architect

(BHH Partners Planners/Architects, PO Box

185, 650 3rd Avenue Southeast, Perham,

MN 56573 or 218-346-4505) at no charge.

Plans provided for bidding purposes shall

be returned with documents in good condi-

tion to Gene White at 519 2nd Street South-

east, Wadena, MN 56482.

Time of Completion: The completion

date for this project shall be no later than

July 16, 2010.

Bonding and Bidding Requirements:

Each Contractor shall be required to provide

a Performance Bond and a Material and La-

bor Payment Bond in the amount of 100 per-

cent of the Contract Amount.

Right to Reject Bids: The Owner re-

serves the right to reject any and all bids, to

waive bidding irregularities and informalities

there in, and further reserves the right to

award the contract in a manner that, in it's

judgment, serves the best interest of the

Owner. The Owner further reserves the right

to hold all legitimate proposals for period of

forty-five (45) days after the date fixed for the

opening thereof.

Bids Requested By:

Chad Bormann

BHH Partners

650 3rd Avenue Southeast

PO Box 185

Perham, MN 56573

122792-1054817 3/27